Saturday, January 31, 2009

PerfectOptimizer Review

Another post, another review. I just came across this software called PerfectOptimizer. PerfectOptimizer is supposed to be a registry cleaner, but it looks like it also has some additional tools. The PerfectOptimizer website has a pretty impressive feature list. I figured I'll go ahead and try out PerfectOptimizer. I went ahead and downloaded and installed this software. Now it's time to open it up.

I opened up PerfectOptimizer and looked at the main menu. A little box popped up in the bottom corner. It said that there is personal information on my computer and that I need to clear it as soon as possible. Yeah, I don't think so...

Anyway, I will go ahead and list all of the tools available.

1-Click Maintenance

- Registry Cleaner
- Junk File Cleaner
- Evidence Cleaner
- File Shredder

- Windows Repair
- IE Repair
- System Repair

- Memory Optimizer
- System Optimizer
- Startup Manager
- Uninstall Manager

- Registry Backup
- Favorites Backup
- Driver Backup
- System Restore



There is a nice selection of tools. My favorites are the Memory Optimizer, Registry Cleaner, and 1-click Maintenance. Those type of tools can be very useful in improving your computer performance.

Anyway, I will go ahead and try out the Registry Cleaner.

The Registry Cleaner is scanning. One of those bubbles popped up from the system tray. It kept listing how many problems had been found so far. I kept closing it, but it kept popping back up. That was annoying. And now, the scanner completely froze. Ok I'm going to have to open PerfectOptimizer and try this again.

I ran a second scan, again, PerfectOptimizer froze up. Hmm...

Well, I guess I'm going to need to end this review now.

I'm not very impressed with Perfect Optimizer. It has a nice selection of tools. However, the Registry Cleaner seems very buggy. In addition, I don't like how the company operates. They use a lot of scare tactics it seems to get you to buy the software. Not cool.

In conclusion, I don't recommend this software. If you are looking for a registry cleaner with a nice selection of additional tools, check out Registry Easy. RegDefense is also good too.


Registry Easy

Friday, January 30, 2009

XP Repair Pro Review

Time to review another program.

I just came across this software called XP Repair Pro. It looks impressive based on the feature list. It looks like it's got many system tools for keeping your computer running smoothly. But it's time to find out if XP Repair Pro is any good or not.

I went ahead and downloaded XP Repair Pro and installed it. The process just took a couple minutes. So now it's time to open XP Repair Pro.

Ok, XP Repair Pro opened. On the main menu I see a few tools listed. I see a PC Registry Repair (registry cleaner), Registry Defragmentation, Startup Program Manager, Registry Editor, Hard Drive Cleanup, System Information, and Anonymous Internet.

I decided to see what Anonymous Internet was all about. It looks like it's some type of setup that encrypts all data going in and out. Wow, I've never seen this included in a system utilities program. Pretty impressive.

Anyway, I then decided to try out the Registry Cleaner. It found close to 1,000 errors. Sounds about right.

All of the other tools with this program seem to work quite well. The Registry Defragmentation is a nice touch. Some system utility programs include that, but not all.

Overall, my view of XP Repair Pro is positive. It seems to be a very effective program and has a decent selection of additional tools. Also, XP Repair Pro offers a free 15 day trial. That way you can try XP Repair Pro out before deciding if you wish to buy it or not.

My advice? Try out the trial and see for yourself if you like it.

Good luck!

Once more, here is the link to download XP Repair Pro.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

PC-Cleaner Review

I came across some software tonight. It is called "PC-Cleaner". I figured I would go ahead and try out this program and review it.

So what is PC-Cleaner? Another registry cleaner of course! I do not know why there are so many registry cleaners out on the market. I guess because there is demand for them.

Anyway, off to download this software. It's a really small download. 1.3MB. Quick installation. And now... the software is loaded.

The software loaded on it's main menu. I see a few buttons. There is Scan Registry, Backup Registry, Restore Registry, Task Schedule, Advanced Tools, Register.

I went ahead and looked at the Advanced Tools quickly to see what was listed. It's mostly program settings. There are a couple extras though. There is a list of file associations and which programs are set to handle them. There is also a program uninstaller. I don't see the file association tool too often in programs. So that's a nice addition. But that's about it with the extra tools.

Anyway, time to do the registry scan. It's scanning.

While it scans. I'll take a look more at the company website. Not much to say about it really.

And... I think the registry scan froze lol. Zonealarm asked at one point if I wanted to allow PC-Cleaner to access the net. I said no. Maybe that is why PC-Cleaner froze. But really, why does PC-Cleaner even need permission to connect to the internet?

Ok well... I guess that's it for this review. PC-Cleaner never unfroze. Even if the scan did turn out ok though, I don't really recommend the program. It doesn't have enough additional tools. And for obvious reasons, the scan didn't impress me. I will still stick to recommending RegDefense as the registry cleaner to use.

But here's the link if you still want to check it out.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Error Scanner Review

Came across this software called Error Scanner. It says it will scan your computer for errors and repair them. I figured it was worth a try. So off to try this software out!

Ok, I quickly downloaded and installed Error Scanner. It went pretty quick. So right away, let's get to opening the program.

On the main menu, I see four buttons on the right. "Welcome", "Repair System Errors", "Settings", and "Restore". In the middle of the main menu is a button to start the error scan. On the bottom is a picture of a doctor. lol

Time to start the scan. It looks like it is basically scanning my registry. Oh my god, it's another registry cleaner. Well, should be interesting to see how this goes. It's still scanning.

While it scans, I'm looking at their website. They have a graphic that says "As Seen On TV". I doubt this program was really on TV. But maybe it was. I have no proof that it wasn't. I also see that they offer a full 8 week money back guarantee. Nice.

Anyway, the scan finished after about two minutes. That was one of the shortest registry scans I've ever seen. It found a little under a 1,000 errors in my computer registry. That is a bit less then the average registry cleaner.

In all, I'm not very impressed with this software. It's mainly just a registry cleaner with no extra tools. It's worth trying out I guess. But for now, I don't recommend it. I will stick to recommending RegDefense.

Once more, here is the link if you are interested in Error Scanner.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Advanced PC Tweaker Review

For this post I will be taking a break from reviewing Registry Cleaners. This time, I am going to review a program I came across called Advanced PC Tweaker.

Advanced PC Tweaker appears to be a system utilities program. At least that's the impression I got from the company website. Anyway, I went ahead and downloaded and installed Advanced PC Tweaker. So now it's time to open it up.

Ok, I opened it up. And wow there is a lot of tools. And hey, there is a registry cleaner! And here I thought I was taking a break from reviewing Registry Cleaners. ;)

Anyway, I will go ahead and list all of the buttons I see on the left. When you click some of the buttons, they bring up more tools, so I will list those too.

Repair Problems
- Registry Repair
- Error Utility
- IE Repair
- Block ActiveX
- Register ActiveX

Clean Junks
- Junk File Cleaner
- Duplicate Cleaner

Manage Backups

- Registry Backup
- Restore Point

Optimize System
- System Optimizer
- Tweak Memory

Advanced Toolkits
- Evidence Cleaner
- Startup Manager
- Uninstall Manager
- File Shredder

1 Click Tweak

Submit Problems


Quite an impressive feature list.

I wasn't sure just which tools to try out exactly. So I just tried out a few different tools. All of the tools with Advanced PC Tweaker seem to work really well. The Registry Repair tool also found a lot more Registry entries that could be repaired then the average Registry Cleaner.

In all, I'm impressed with Advanced PC Tweaker. It definitely has a lot more tools then the average Registry Cleaner. I will go ahead and recommend this software to all of you.

Good luck!

Once more, here's the link to download Advanced PC Tweaker.

Registry Cure Review

I have this dream where I can say that I've reviewed every single Registry Cleaner on the market. Will that dream ever happen? I don't know, new Registry Cleaners are popping up every day it seems. :) But in taking a step towards that dream, it's time to review Registry Cure.

Registry Cure's website makes the usual claims about it's software. Instead of going into the feature list, I will just go ahead and quickly download and install Registry Cure.

Ok, I downloaded and installed Registry Cure. Took about a minute or two. Very quick. I loaded Registry Cure and I'm on it's main menu. I basically see a few buttons at the top (Scan Now, Settings, Backup) and a few buttons at the bottom. The buttons at the bottom are "Smart Scan", "Custom Scan", and "Complete Scan". Doesn't this software have any other tools? I don't see any. Hmm.

I guess I will just go ahead and do a smart scan. The smart scan doesn't take very long. The results say that Registry Cure has found 1,381 critical errors. Critical errors? lol. I don't think these are critical.

Well, I guess that is about it for this review. There is nothing else to review with Registry Cure. I'm not very impressed by Registry Cure. Mainly because many other Registry Cleaners also have additional tools for keeping your computer running smoothly. It appears that all that Registry Cure is, is a Registry Cleaner. Nothing more. I recommend skipping this program. If you are looking for a good Registry Cleaner, go with RegDefense.

Once more, here are the links.

Registry Cure

Registry Toolkit Review

And I've come across yet another Registry Cleaner. This Registry Cleaner is called Registry Toolkit. I figured I would go ahead and review it.

When looking at the Registry Toolkit website, it appears that Registry Toolkit has the same type of features as most other Registry Cleaners. Does Registry Toolkit perform better then them? Well... time to find out.

The download is really small. 889KB. That will be even a quick download on a dial-up connection. Installation was just as quick.

Anyway, time to load Registry Toolkit. I loaded Registry Toolkit and I see 5 buttons on the left. The buttons are "Scan Now", "Settings", "Check For Updates", "User Manual", and "Registry". It's not hard to figure out what those mean. In addition to that, there are also buttons on the right side of the screen for doing a backup of your registry, and Advanced System Tools.

I decided to look at the Advanced System Tools. There is a Browser Helper Object manager, Startup List Manager, Uninstall Manager, and the option to create a backup of internet explorer. It's an average set of tools.

So now I decided to go ahead and run a scan of the computer registry. While it scans, I decided to look more at the website for Registry Toolkit. Among the things I found, a graphic that says Registry Toolkit got 5 stars from CNN. Also a quote that refers to Registry Toolkit as "The most popular product in history". Are you kidding me?!

Well, the scan is done, it found around 1,000 errors in my Computer Registry. A little bit less then other Registry Cleaners have found.

In all, I'm not very impressed with Registry Toolkit. I recommend you skip on buying Registry Toolkit. If you are looking for a Registry Cleaner, I will stick to recommending RegDefense.

Once more, here are the links.

Registry Toolkit

TubeTilla Pro Review

Here is a computer program I am going to review, it's called TubeTilla Pro.

So what is TubeTilla Pro? TubeTilla Pro lets you download videos from YouTube and convert them into other file formats. In addition to that, you are also able to download multiple videos at once with TubeTilla Pro.

So how exactly does TubeTilla Pro work? Basically, once you have TubeTilla Pro, you open it up. When you have found a video on YouTube, you will copy and paste the web address into a box on TubeTilla Pro where it asks for the web address. Then you click "Get Video" and just like that, TubeTilla Pro downloads the video off YouTube and right onto your computer.

After the video has been downloaded, you then have the option of naming your file. You also have the options of what file format to save it in. In addition to that, you can also save files onto your iPod, embed videos into PowerPoint presentations, and download multiple videos at once.

In all, it's a pretty useful program. I think I will go ahead and include this in my list of recommended programs.

Have fun!

Once more, here's the link.

TubeTilla Pro

Friday, January 23, 2009

Registry Easy Review

Another day, another registry cleaner review lol. This registry cleaner is called "Registry Easy". I came across this a few minutes ago. I figured I would go ahead and try out and review this program.

The Registry Easy website has a long list of features for Registry Easy. It looks pretty impressive. Registry Easy's website also claims that the software has been downloaded over 3.2 million times. Nice.

Anyway, it's time to download and install Registry Easy. The download is just 2.3MB. A very small download, even if you are on dial-up. The installation is also very quick. Both downloading and installing Registry Easy took under a minute for me. So now, it's time to load Registry Easy.

I load Registry Easy and I am taken to it's main menu. There are a few buttons on the left. Each button then brings up additional tools the software has. Here is the complete list of tools listed.

Scan & Clean
-Registry Cleaner
-Evidence Cleaner
-Junk File Cleaner
-Duplicate Cleaner

- Registry Backup
- Restore Point

IE Tools
- BHO Manager
- IE Restore

Optimize System
- System Optimizer
- Block ActiveX
- Error Utilities
- Registry ActiveX
- Tweak Memory

System Tools
- Startup Manager
- Uninstall Manager

A pretty impressive feature list. Especially since this is a Registry Cleaner, not a system utilities program.

Anyway, I went ahead and ran the registry cleaner. It took a bit of time (which is a good thing) and it found over 1600 errors. That's quite a lot. Part of me is a bit hesitant to let a registry cleaner make that many changes to the computer registry. However, what reassures me is that I can use Registry Easy to make a backup of my registry. That way if something goes wrong, I can restore the changes.

As far as the other tools with Registry Easy, all of them seem to work quite well. I especially like the System Optimizer and Tweak Memory/Memory Optimizer.

In closing, I am pretty impressed with Registry Easy. Registry Easy has a lot more tools then many other Registry Cleaners out on the market. If you are looking to purchase a registry cleaner, definitely look into Registry Easy.

Once more, here's the link to download Registry Easy.

Edit: (July 2009) ACA Utilities is now offering Registry Easy as well as 14 other programs in a single package. I highly recommend spending the little bit extra to get this package with the other software since I think it's a great deal.

Thursday, January 22, 2009 Review

Lately I have been focusing a bit on online music services. So for this post, I thought I would go ahead and review one such service I came across. This is a review of the music service.

When I first browsed the website of, I wasn't completely sure what it was. I knew it had to do with music, but I wasn't sure of it's main purpose. I had to look around a bit. Once I did that though, I started to see what all had to offer.

The best way to describe is that is kind of like a mix between iTunes and MySpace. You can create mixes of songs, buy songs, create a feed to show off your favorite music, etc. It's like a little bit of everything.

I spent some time browsing their music store. I typed in a few artists that I could think of off the top of my head. Some of the artists had, other artists they didn't. The music selection seems to be about average. The music store isn't nearly as big as some of the other music stores. The track prices seem to vary from $0.99 to $1.49. However, one thing that is nice is that all tracks are DRM Free and offered at 320KBPS. That is a lot higher quality then many other music stores. Pretty impressive.

One downside with though is that so far, it isn't nearly as popular as Last.FM or other social networking sites. That takes away from some of the nice social features with this website. However, I do think has a bright future, and I think it will increase in users and become much more popular.

Anyway, in conclusion, I recommend checking out It's still growing and the music selection is average, but the tracks are very high quality. So you may just want to check out to see if they have that song you are wanting to buy before visiting some of the more well known music stores that offer the songs at a lower quality.

RegistryFix Review

It's time to review yet another Registry Cleaner. I say this every time, but I can't believe how many Registry Cleaners there are. This one I am going to review is called RegistryFix.

RegistryFix is one of the more popular Registry Cleaners out on the market. Their website claims that RegistryFix has been downloaded over 13 million times. The RegistryFix website is easy to navigate so I quickly downloaded and installed RegistryFix.

Now that I have RegistryFix installed, I went ahead and opened it. On the main menu are 5 main buttons. The buttons are "Live Update", "Advanced Options", "Backup", "Preferences", and "Scan". Live Update, Backup, and Preferences are pretty self-explanatory. I decided I would check out the RegistryFix Advanced Options. On the RegistryFox Advanced Options are 4 extra tools. There is a Browser Helper Object Manager, A Startup Program Manager, an Add/Remove Program Manager, and a Full Registry Backup Utility. Not a bad collection of tools. Anyway, it's time to do the scan.

The scan takes a bit of time. Then again, I have a lot of things open. To be honest, the RegistryFix scan taking awhile kind of comforts me. Editing your registry is something you need to be careful with. When I see a Registry Cleaner do a scan in just a couple minutes, I get a bit nervous. How thorough and carefully could a Registry Cleaner really look through your registry in such a short amount of time? So yeah, thankfully, RegistryFix took it's time in looking through my computer registry.

So what were the scan results? 1,351 problems found. That is a lot. Most of them seem to be minor issues such as invalid references in the computer registry. They can add up though. Unfortunately, the trial version of RegistryFix only fixes a certain number of errors.

In conclusion, RegistryFix seems like one of the better Registry Cleaners on the market. I definitely would recommend giving it a try.

Good luck! Once more, here's the link to download RegistryFix.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Windows Repair Kit Review

I recently came across a new product. At least I think this product is new. It's a computer program called The Windows Repair Kit.

Their websites claims that the Windows Repair Kit will stop windows errors and improve PC Performance. Since this is something I talk about a lot and even did a guide for, I figured I would go ahead and review this software.

So now, time to download and install The Windows Repair Kit. The download is just under 7MB, so it doesn't take very long to download on a high-speed connection. The installation is also very quick and easy.

Once The Windows Repair Kit finished installing, I went ahead and opened The Windows Repair Kit. On the main menu, there are 8 buttons. The buttons are Schedule, PC Startup, Setting, Internet Optimizer, Restore, Update, Help, and Scan Now. Most of those are pretty self explanatory. So I will go ahead and start the scan.

While I wait for the scan to finish, I was looking more at the company website. I was pleasantly surprised looking at it. The website is simple, but I was looking through the frequently asked questions. One of the questions that was listed was asking if The Windows Repair Kit would remove Viruses. The company was honest and said that The Windows Repair Kit wouldn't because that is not what the program focuses on. I like that the company was honest like that. The company even gave an anti-virus program recommendation too. Nice.

In the end, the scan found 361 problems. Most of them were in the Registry or Invalid Shortcuts. It also listed all of them as medium or high threat levels. They said on their website that The Windows Repair Kit doesn't target Viruses, so I don't think they mean these are threats in that way. I guess they are saying that these are medium or high threats to my computer speed. I'm not sure I completely agree, but it's debatable.

In conclusion, I consider The Windows Repair Kit to be a good program. I don't consider it great, but I consider it good. For a really great Registry Cleaner and System Optimization program, I will stick to recommending Registry Easy.

The Windows Repair Kit Review

Ok, it is time for me to do a mini-review a type of website that I have never reviewed before. I am now going to review the website

I'm sure you know what is. However, if you don't, is the leading online dating personals website with over 15 million singles.

One thing that makes unique is that they offer a 6 month guarantee. Basically, if you don't find someone special in 6 months, they will give you 6 months free. To be honest, the one thing that has always made me hesitant about the idea of joining a site like is that I have always figured it would be difficult to find someone that I could connect with. For to make an offer like that clearly shows that they are confident in their service.

In conclusion, offers a lot of great ways of trying to meet new people. If you are open to the idea of finding someone online or you are considering joining then I highly recommend that you go ahead and try it out. If you aren't open to the idea though, then why are you even reading this? :)

Oh and by the way, if you sign up on through the links on this post, will give you a 7 day free trial.

Review Of

For this posting, I decided I would review and discuss

I came across recently. is basically an online music store. However, is focused mainly on Dance and Electronica music. Also, you buy music through the website instead of having to download software.

In browsing through the catalog, I can see that they have many songs in their catalog including many remixes from today's top artists. When it comes to Electronica music, appears to have an impressive library.

It also appears that the catalog is completely DRM free. That means you don't have to worry about the music you buy working with your music player or other computers. The songs are also reasonably priced at $1.49 each.

On the downside though, the website is a little buggy and uses Flash for their catalog. That can slow things down a lot when browsing

If you are into Electronica or Dance music, then I definitely recommend checking out However, if you aren't into that genre of music, you may want to skip on this website.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Handling RAR Files

You guys would be surprised how often people ask what they should use to handle .RAR Files. This is going to be my shortest post yet. If you need to handle .RAR files, use WinRAR.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Napster Review

Here is a program that most of you have probably heard of. This program is called Napster

Originally, Napster was a free music service back in 1999-2001. However, Napster was closed down due to a court order. Since then, it's name was purchased by a company and a legal version of Napster was created.

So what is the legal version of Napster like? It's actually pretty cool. Basically, you can buy MP3's from the Napster store. So Napster is a lot like iTunes. But... you can also join a subscription plan. What a subscription plan does is give you unlimited listens to the over 7 million songs in Napster's library. But there is a catch. If you cancel your subscription, you no longer have access to the millions of tracks on Napster's music store.

In a way it is basically like renting music. You are paying $12.95 a month ($14.95 to be able to transfer tracks to portable devices) to listen to as many songs as you'd like on the computer. But if you stop paying, you can't listen anymore so you're not actually buying any of the songs. You're simply paying the monthly free to have unlimited listens. Of course, you can still buy songs as an MP3 if you'd like.

So is a subscription to Napster worth it? That really depends on who you ask. If you like the idea of paying a monthly fee and being able to listen to 7 million songs, then yes, Napster worth it. I've joined Napster before and I loved going through all of these different artists and albums and discovering new music. If I want to listen to a 1,000 songs on the computer right now, I could pay the monthly fee and listen to them on Napster. If I wanted to listen to 1,000 songs off iTunes, I'd have to pay $1,000.

In the end, if this sounds interesting to you, check Napster out. Napster is in my opinion one of the top music subscription services.

Once more, here's the link. Napster

Family Tree Builder Review

Ok, here is another cool program that I like. This program is called Family Tree Builder.

As you probably guessed, Family Tree Builder is a program that allows you to begin creating your own Family Tree. I started getting into genealogy a couple years back, and I must say, it is a very fun hobby. I have found so much information online about my ancestors through I have found the names of ancestors going back to before the year 1000, kings I'm related to, etc. It's all been really fun, and I highly recommend going to and seeing if you can find some information about your ancestors.

So how does Family Tree Builder come into play? Well it is a great way of organizing all of the information. Most of the family trees on Rootsweb you can download and import right into Family Tree Builder. I have imported many different family trees from Rootsweb and connected them all together to make one giant family tree in Family Tree Builder. It's really awesome. I have also used Family Tree Builder to print out charts of my family tree to show my family.

So yes, in conclusion, I recommend checking out and Family Tree Builder.

Have fun!

Registry Winner Review

I came across another Registry Cleaner. This one is called Registry Winner. I went ahead and tried it out and decided I'd give my review of it.

What is Registry Winner? Well, like I said, its main purpose is to optimize your Computer Registry. However, there is more to Registry Winner then just a Registry Optimizer. There is also many additional features included in Registry Winner. To be honest, Registry Winner is more of a collection of tools to improve your PC Performance. It's not just a Registry Cleaner.

Here is the complete feature list of Registry Winner.

Registry Cleaner
Evidence Cleaner
Junks Cleaner
Files Shredder
BHO Manager
IE Recover
IE Problems
Computer Management
Windows Update
System Properties
Control Panel
Disk Defragmenter
Disk Cleanup
Local Security Settings
Local Users and Groups
Group Policy Editor
Security Center
Device Manager
Event Viewer
Disk Management
Performance Monitor
Startup Manager
Add/Remove Manager

In addition to the Registry Cleaner, I highly recommend using the Startup Manager, Junks Cleaner, and Disk Defrag. Those are three very important things you can do to increase your PC performance. It is nice to see that Registry Winner has included all three.

In the end, I have tried at least a dozen different Registry Cleaners. To be honest, most of them I do not recommend. However, I have been very impressed by Registry Winner. Also, Registry Winner offers a free scan. That way if it turns out you don't like Registry Winner, then no problem. Good luck!

Here is the link to download Registry Winner.

Barack Obama Inauguration Schedule

Although this is a computer blog, I occasionally post information on current events. For those that are wondering, here is the schedule for the inauguration this week.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

iolo System Mechanic Review

Time to review another computer program. This program is called iolo System Mechanic.

So what is System Mechanic? System Mechanic is a computer program full of useful utilities for your computer. I have actually used System Mechanic before, it's a program I've known about for years. So I'm not going to try System Mechanic out for the first time and review it in that way like many of my other reviews. However, I will go ahead and open System Mechanic and explain what all this program has.

When you open up System Mechanic, you will see many buttons on the left. All of these buttons take you to the various features in the program. Here is what all each button has.

- System Analysis

- Problems found from the System Analysis

Automated Tasks
- Automatically clean excess clutter
- Automatically repair registry problems
- Automatically optimize startup configuration
- Automatically repair hard drive errors
- Automatically repair system vulnerabilities
- Automatically repair unoptimized Internet configuration
- Automatically repair drive fragmentation problems
- Automatically repair low memory problems
- Automatically repair broken shortcuts
- Automatically back up registry every 14 days
- Automatically repair registry fragmentation problems

Internet Security
- Anti Virus (checks to see if you have one running)
- Firewall (checks to see if you have one running)

Power Tools
- PC Accelerator
- PC Repair
- PC Cleanup
- PC Security

Individual Tools
- Defragment Hard Drive
- Optimize Windows Startup
- Optimize Internet Settings
- Defragment Memory
- Defragment and Compact Registry
- Configure Boot-Time Defragmentation
- Configure Right-Click Defragmentation
- Fix Security Vulnerabilities
- Back Up Or Restore Registry
- Configure Automatic System Defense
- Remove Junk Files
- Remove Internet Debris
- Repair Registry Problems
- Repair Broken Shortcuts
- Repair Hard Drive Problems
- Repair an Unbootable PC
- Troubleshoot System Problems
- Clear Internet Browsing Tracks
- Securely Delete Files
- Configure Desktop File Incinerator
- Configure Windows Startup
- Manage Running Programs
- Customize Advanced Windows Settings
- Customize Advanced Internet Settings
- Find Duplicate Files
- Remove Installed Programs
- View System Information Report
- Measure Internet Download Speed
- Track System Changes
- Monitor Hard Drive Status

- Current Hard Drive Disk Space
- Current System Memory
- Startup Programs
- Running Programs
- Internet Speed

- Problems Recently Repaired
- Odometer (How many problems that's been repaired and how much disk space you've freed up)

As you can see, System Mechanic has quite a list of features. There is not much else to say about System Mechanic. System Mechanic is a very impressive and very effective program and has been one of my favorites for many years for keeping your computer running smoothly. I definitely recommend checking System Mechanic out. Once more, here's the link.

iolo System Mechanic

Driver Checker Review

While searching for new programs to review, I came across Driver Checker. I just recently did a review on Driver Robot, now I am doing a review on Driver Checker.

In reading the website description, Driver Checker seems very similar to Driver Robot. Basically, Driver Checker will scan your computer and see if you need to update any of your Drivers. If any of your Drivers are outdated, Driver Checker will then update your Computer Drivers.

So, it is now time for me to try this program out. I went ahead and downloaded and installed Driver Checker. Took about 5 minutes at the most.

Once I opened Driver Checker, I saw 7 buttons on the left. The buttons are titled "Register", "Submit", "Options", "Uninstall", "Restore", "Backup", and "Overview".

"Register" means to register the program. "Submit" lets you Submit system information to the Driver Checker team for analysis. "Options" is the various program options that you can change. "Uninstall" lets you uninstall system Drivers. "Restore" lets you restore old system Drivers. "Backup" lets you make backups of the Drivers. And finally "Overview" has the overview of the program and is where the scan takes place. So it's time to do the scan!

In the end, the scan took maybe 20 seconds at the most. It was a very quick scan. It said it found 17 outdated drivers. That's pretty good. Driver Robot found 11.

In the end, that is about all there is to review of this program. The programs purpose is simple, to scan your computer and update your Drivers so that you don't have to manually search and update each one.

For the most part, I don't think one program really sticks out over the other. Although Driver Checker did find more outdated Drivers then Driver Checker. But that could have been just on my machine. I recommend trying out both Driver Robot and Driver Checker. See which one seems more effective, and then go from there.

Good Luck!


Driver Robot
Driver Checker

Edit: (July 2009) ACA Utilities is now offering Driver Checker as well as 14 other programs in a single package. I highly recommend spending the little bit extra to get this package with the other software since I think it's a great deal.

Driver Robot Review

Here is some more software that I am going to review. This program is called Driver Robot. I figured I would go ahead and do a Driver Robot Review.

Basically, Driver Robot has a large database of Drivers. Often times you will need to update your Drivers when you buy new accessories for your computer. Digital Cameras, Scanners, Printers, etc. all of those need Drivers. Driver Robot basically scans your computer and will show you which Drivers you need to update.

So anyway, it's time to try Driver Robot out. I went ahead and downloaded and installed Driver Robot. The download was quick and the installation was easy. After that, I opened Driver Robot.

When you open Driver Robot, you will see 4 buttons on the left. They are titled "Driver Scan", "Downloads", "Exporter", and "Settings".

"Settings" is the program settings. "Export" saves a Driver Snapshot in case you need to download Drivers onto another computer. "Downloads" lists all of the Drivers that are currently being downloaded onto your computer. And finally, "Driver Scan" is of course the scanning of your computer for Drivers.

I went ahead and did a scan with Driver Robot. The scan was very quick, less then a minute. In the end, Driver Robot found 11 outdated Drivers. Wow, that's pretty impressive.

Anyway, after the scan, I closed out of Driver Robot and ran a quick scan for Spyware. Everything came back clean, so I can say with certainty that Driver Robot does not have any type of Spyware.

In all, Driver Robot seems to be a very useful program. I definitely recommend trying it out. You may also want to try out Driver Checker. It is very similar to Driver Robot.

Driver Robot
Driver Checker

Downadup or Conficker Update

Here is an update about the DownAdUp/Conficker worm. The latest estimates are that DownAdUp/Conficker has infected over 9 million computers. As of now, DownAdUp/Conficker mostly focuses on spreading to other computers. DownAdUp/Conficker doesn't do anything really destructive like deleting your hard drive. However, it is still best to get this virus off your machine if you have it.

To get rid of DownAdUp/Conficker, update your virus scanner and run a full virus scan. It should be as simple as that.

To keep your computer from getting infected, make sure to have a Spyware Scanner and Anti-Virus Scanner.

For a full guide on keeping your computer safe and running smoothly, or if you don't have a virus scanner, check out my guide that I wrote here. It includes a link to a virus scanner that I recommend.

Edit: Updated number of infections. (01-21-09)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

RegistryRepairPro Review

lol, I swear I pass off anything as a review these days. But if you go into this post wondering if you should buy Registry Repair Pro or not and you finish this post with an answer, then I consider it helpful because I'm basically answering your question.

Anyway, should you buy Registry Repair Pro? My answer is No. Registry Repair Pro has negative comments about it on McAfee SiteAdvisor which isn't a good sign. I went to the Registry Repair Pro site to take a look at it, I then decided to close out of their website. However, I was stopped from closing out of the Registry Repair Pro website because they wanted me to chat with one of their sales agents. Of course, I knew that it wasn't an actual sales agent. I was just talking to a computer. Ah well, the conversation was still amusing to me.

Lee says: Hey don't go! If I can offer you a 15% Discount on Registry Repair Pro. Please type "Hi" or "Hello".

You: Hi

Lee says: Thanks, this is a ONE TIME fee of $15.99! To get this deal CLICK HERE.

You: I don't want it

Lee says: Sorry, I didn't get that.

You: Yeah you're really a person lol

Lee says: Registry Repair Pro will clean your registry making your system more stable and preventing crashes.

Lee says: lol :)

You: whats 2 + 2

Lee says: Sorry, I didn't get that.

Lee says: Our software downloads instantly after purchase. This is a limited time offer so CLICK HERE to act now!

You: What do you think about the situation in Gaza?

Lee says: I am a virtual agent authorized to offer you Registry Repair Pro with a 15% discount. CLICK HERE to get your copy at the discount price now.

You: Will Registry Repair Pro fix the conflict?

Lee says: Sorry, I didn't get that.

You: Oh dear

Lee says: Sorry, I didn't get that.

Lee says: We take all major credit cards and Paypal and you can download and install instantly!

You: Is that really a picture of you on the left?

Lee says: Sorry, I didn't get that.

Lee says: This could be your last chance to take 15% off and pay a one time price of $15.99 CLICK HERE before the offer expires.

You: This isn't making me want to buy your software.

Lee says: Sorry, I didn't get that.

You: Although $16 for a registry cleaner isn't bad if it actually works.

Lee says: Sorry, I didn't get that.

You: Well I'm going to go now, Bye!

Lee says: Sorry, I didn't get that.

I generally out of principal don't buy software that has sales tactics I don't like. But if this isn't a problem to you, then go ahead and check out Registry Repair Pro.

Here is the link.

MagicCamera/Shining Camera Review

Time to look at some software I just came across. This software is called Shining Camera, or MagicCamera. It goes by each name on it's website lol. I think it has two names.

Anyway, MagicCamera/Shining Camera is very much like ManyCam. Basically, MagicCamera/Shining Camera allows you to get on WebCam and add various effects. MagicCamera/Shining Camera includes many effects that aren't available on ManyCam actually. Here are some of the features that stick out to me.

- Play fake videos like a real webcam to protect your privacy in chat rooms.

- Capture screen and stream it through this virtual webcam to co-work with your friends.

- Lots of transform video effects.

- Users can create and customize their own webcam effects. More and more webcam effects package will be available from our website.

MagicCamera/Shining Camera has got a very impressive feature list. That is just a small sample of some of the features. So is it better then ManyCam? Hmm... that's an interesting question. Maybe at some point in the future I will do a post comparing the two. We will see :)

Overall, this seems like a really fun program. I definitely recommend checking it out.


Update: The links now appear to be dead. If I ever come across a similar program, I will post a review of it.

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Downadup or Conficker Worm

Just letting everyone know there is a virus spreading fast among computers. It is called Downadup or Conficker. Downadup/Conficker has already spread to more than 8 million computers. Downadup/Conficker enters your computer by exploiting a Microsoft Windows bug.

If you are infected, update your Virus Scanner that you use and scan your computer immediately! After you do that, make sure to update Windows through

If you are not infected, then do the same steps. Make sure to keep your Virus Scanner updated and keep Windows updated as well through

As far as how to quickly keep your computer running smoothly, I recommend using AVG and Ad-Aware for keeping your computer virus free, and RegDefense for keeping your computer running smoothly.

For more information on how to keep your computer protected, visit my guide on how to keep your computer secure and running quickly here.

Live Cam Out Of Gaza

Here is a Live Camera from Gaza City. The camera doesn't always work. When it does work however, it is very interesting to watch.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Elasto Mania

Here is another fun program. This is a computer game called Elasto Mania. I swear, I need to find more to talk about then just recommending programs.

Anyway... Elasto Mania is a simple Motorbike arcade game. The graphics aren't too good, but it's still a lot of fun and addicting. Highly recommended!


Monday, January 12, 2009

Virtual Barber Shop and 3D Sound Holophonics

Ok, here is a couple cool links to check out. Both are sound clips on YouTube. They are basically 3D sounds. It best works when using headphones to listen. Seriously... just check these out.

Virtual Barber Shop
3D Sound Holophonics

Friday, January 9, 2009

MySpace Toolbar

How often do you really find browser Toolbars that you have to buy? Not very often I'm sure. However, I just came across one. This is called MySpace Toolbar, and it is, you guessed it, for

A $30 browser toolbar... wow. That's all I got to say.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Sorry for the lack of updates. More will be coming soon.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Latest News Out Of Gaza

This is a computer blog. Because of this I have generally been doing posts related to computers. However, I have also always had an interest in current events and politics. Because of the current situation in Gaza, I thought I would make a quick post with some relevant links to find the latest news out of the conflict in Gaza.

Yahoo! News

Note: Yes I know some of these links are biased. Regardless of their bias, I have found them to have the best information on the conflict. If you do not wish to read one of these websites, then just don't go to them.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

RegistryClear Review

Here is a quick review of the RegistryClear/Registry Clear/ software. Although it doesn't matter what you call it, you should stay away from this software.

So why should you stay away from this software? Because of the tactics this company uses. They try to install RegistryClear on your computer through fake error messages. In addition, they also claim Microsoft supports their software (Microsoft doesn't). If you don't believe me, all you need to do is just check out some of the user comments about this company on McAfee SiteAdvisor. Believe me, it's not pretty lol.

Don't even waste your time with this software. Just stay away!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Startup Mechanic Review

Here is another program I am going to talk a little bit about, it is called Startup Mechanic. Basically, Startup Mechanic is a program that shows you which programs run when you turn on the computer. Startup Mechanic divides them into categories. The categories are Necessary, Useful, Useless, Harmful, and Unknown.

I actually am not going to do a review of this program from installation and use it for the first time. The reason being is that I have had this program on my computer for 3 years. That doesn't mean I recommend it though.

It's not that I don't recommend it, I just recommend StartUp Inspector. One problem I have with Startup Mechanic is that Startup Mechanic often gets the startup items wrong. Startup Mechanic tries to describe each program when it puts it into the different categories. Sometimes though it puts programs into the harmful category when they really aren't.

Other then that though, I don't really have a problem with Startup Mechanic. If you are going to use it though, just don't trust it's descriptions for each startup item because they are probably wrong.

So in conclusion, Startup Mechanic is a decent program, but there are better Startup Item managers.

Note: For some reason McAfee SiteAdvisor considers Startup Mechanic to be possibly Adware or Spyware. I don't know how they reached that conclusion because Startup Mechanic is definitely Spyware-free. So don't worry about that.


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Here is a Happy New Year to everyone! I hope everyone is doing well. 2008 has some positives, but a lot of bad things also happened in 2008. Here's to hoping that 2009 is a lot better.