iolo System Mechanic Review

Time to review another computer program. This program is called iolo System Mechanic.

So what is System Mechanic? System Mechanic is a computer program full of useful utilities for your computer. I have actually used System Mechanic before, it's a program I've known about for years. So I'm not going to try System Mechanic out for the first time and review it in that way like many of my other reviews. However, I will go ahead and open System Mechanic and explain what all this program has.

When you open up System Mechanic, you will see many buttons on the left. All of these buttons take you to the various features in the program. Here is what all each button has.

- System Analysis

- Problems found from the System Analysis

Automated Tasks
- Automatically clean excess clutter
- Automatically repair registry problems
- Automatically optimize startup configuration
- Automatically repair hard drive errors
- Automatically repair system vulnerabilities
- Automatically repair unoptimized Internet configuration
- Automatically repair drive fragmentation problems
- Automatically repair low memory problems
- Automatically repair broken shortcuts
- Automatically back up registry every 14 days
- Automatically repair registry fragmentation problems

Internet Security
- Anti Virus (checks to see if you have one running)
- Firewall (checks to see if you have one running)

Power Tools
- PC Accelerator
- PC Repair
- PC Cleanup
- PC Security

Individual Tools
- Defragment Hard Drive
- Optimize Windows Startup
- Optimize Internet Settings
- Defragment Memory
- Defragment and Compact Registry
- Configure Boot-Time Defragmentation
- Configure Right-Click Defragmentation
- Fix Security Vulnerabilities
- Back Up Or Restore Registry
- Configure Automatic System Defense
- Remove Junk Files
- Remove Internet Debris
- Repair Registry Problems
- Repair Broken Shortcuts
- Repair Hard Drive Problems
- Repair an Unbootable PC
- Troubleshoot System Problems
- Clear Internet Browsing Tracks
- Securely Delete Files
- Configure Desktop File Incinerator
- Configure Windows Startup
- Manage Running Programs
- Customize Advanced Windows Settings
- Customize Advanced Internet Settings
- Find Duplicate Files
- Remove Installed Programs
- View System Information Report
- Measure Internet Download Speed
- Track System Changes
- Monitor Hard Drive Status

- Current Hard Drive Disk Space
- Current System Memory
- Startup Programs
- Running Programs
- Internet Speed

- Problems Recently Repaired
- Odometer (How many problems that's been repaired and how much disk space you've freed up)

As you can see, System Mechanic has quite a list of features. There is not much else to say about System Mechanic. System Mechanic is a very impressive and very effective program and has been one of my favorites for many years for keeping your computer running smoothly. I definitely recommend checking System Mechanic out. Once more, here's the link.

iolo System Mechanic

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