Wednesday, April 3, 2013

DriverHound Review

Hello! Back for another review.

Over the years, I have reviewed a lot of programs. Most of them are system optimization programs. However, I've also reviewed a few programs that work to update your drivers. DriverHound is one of these programs, and I am going to take a look at it today.

When I first opened DriverHound, I was quite impressed by the interface and overall ease of this software. It's not too complicated, and those who have never used software like this should have no trouble.

When actually using DriverHound, I found it to do a fairly good job at finding outdated drivers and updating them. It found a few more then some of the other programs I had tried, so I was especially impressed with that.

In all, there isn't really much else to say about DriverHound. It's purpose is simple, to find outdated drivers and update them, and it does a good job at it. Those that are looking to manage and update their drivers should definitely take a look at DriverHound.

Good luck!

Download Link: DriverHound

RegistryNuke Review

Hello all, I am going to use this post to take a look at a new computer optimization program I came across called RegistryNuke. I have reviewed a lot of these over the years, so my standards are fairly high, and users may be wondering if this program is worth using to clean your Registry. With that, let's get right to the review!

When first opening RegistryNuke, I noticed that the interface looked good. It also looked very simple though which had me a worried a bit that this software may not have many features for cleaning your Registry. When I looked closer though, I realized that this software had just what was needed for cleaning your Registry.

First off, let's go into the Registry Cleaner itself. I found it to be fairly effective, and it found a large number of errors in my Registry, some of which were errors that other programs missed. The program categorizes the errors into various categories, so you have an idea on what these errors may be affecting on your computer.

Also of note is that RegistryNuke includes a Registry Defrag. This can be good for speeding up your Registry, and it is a tool that MANY other programs do not include, even some full system optimization programs. It was nice to see this included with RegistryNuke.

Also, it's worth noting that like most programs, this program lets you backup your Registry before you make any changes should something go wrong. I've never really had to restore to a backup when trying out these programs, but it's a good peace of mind.

Well, in closing, it's quite obvious that I really like RegistryNuke. If you are looking to clean your PC registry, definitely give RegistryNuke a look. Good luck!

Download Link: Registry Nuke

ErrorScanPro Review

Well, I am back again with yet another system optimization review. As those of you may know, I seem to review a lot of software that is made for optimizing your computer. Over time, your computer slows down, and is filled with a lot of junk. These programs are created to help clear the clutter and speed up your PC. I have reviewed dozens of these programs, and I am going to take a look at ErrorScanPro. Will it compare to some of the others?

When I first took a look at ErrorScanPro. I was impressed by the interface. It's very easy to use, and should be no problem for those that aren't too experienced with computers. Over the years, some of the programs I have used have been downright painful to look at.

When looking through some of the tools that ErrorScanPro offers, I am quite impressed with the selection. Registry Cleaner, Duplicate File Finder, Disk Defrag, Privacy Cleaner, Startup Manager, etc. There is a large selection of tools that can be used to help boost your PC. There are no shortage of tools with this software.

In addition, I found the tools to be quite effective in what they did with the exception of the Disk Defrag. The Disk Defrag is okay, but you're probably better off just using the Disk Defrag that comes with your PC. Besides this though, all of the other tools perform fairly well.

Wrapping this review up, I highly recommend ErrorScanPro. When it comes to speeding up your PC, ErrorScanPro is a great choice, and it has a lot of useful features. The Registry Cleaner is a particular favorite of mine as is the Startup Manager. You can find the download link below. Good luck!

Download Link: ErrorScanPro

Detox My Mac Review

Hello everyone!

Back after a long absence. As all my readers seem to know, I have an interest in reviewing system optimization programs. These are programs that are designed to speed up your PC. I have reviewed dozens of them on this blog, and I am going to take a look at a new one I came across called Detox My Mac. With this program, it is obviously for the Mac and not the PC.

First off, for those of you that have never used a program like this, you may be asking why they should be used. Well, these type of system optimization programs are basically used to speed up your PC (or Mac!) by removing clutter in your registry, on your system, etc. Just like a car needs maintenance, so does your computer! That is where this software comes in.

Upon first looking at the software, I have to say that Detox My Mac has a really nice interface. It looks professional, and it is fairly easy to use. Beginners should have no problem using this software.

When looking at some of the features, I am quite impressed by what I see. Some of the features include removing useless logs, clearing caches, clearing system junk, etc. It's a good solid set of tools for cleaning up your Mac and improving it's speed.

In looking at how the tools actually performed, I felt they performed fairly well. Large amounts of disk space was cleared up. I should note that some PC programs I've found to do a better job with clearing disk space. However, clearing up too much is a bit risky, as you don't want the software to remove any system files you actually need. Detox My Mac seems to do a good job with clearing up disk space, but not going too far as to hurt your system.

Well, let me finish this review by saying I really like Detox My Mac. It has many useful tools that can be used for maintaining and speeding up your computer. Since most of these types of programs are targeted towards PC users, those that use Mac's are a bit at a disadvantage. However, Detox My Mac seems to be a fine choice for users that want to boost their Mac. Good luck!

Download Link: Detox My Mac