Friday, February 27, 2009

Restore Deleted Files Review

Ok, it’s time to review another program. However, this is a type of software that I have never posted a review for. Its purpose is to recover deleted files. The software is called Restore Deleted Files. Not exactly the most catchy name, but we can’t judge a book by its title.

Anyway, the website claims that its software will scan and quickly show which files can be restored. You can even restore files that have been deleted from your recycle bin.

Here’s something not everyone knows, when you empty files from your recycle bin, the files aren’t actually deleted. The files will simply be listed as deleted even though they are not. Later on, if you fill up your hard drive and actually need that space, then those files will be deleted from the system. So in reality, you can go months and months and still have files that you deleted.

So because of this, this is why some programs have a file shredder tool. What these tools do is overwrite the files you’ve selected to delete with zeros before deleting them. That way, if the files are recovered, the data is simply zeros.

Anyway, I haven’t used a file shredder recently, and I have a lot of free space, so I am expecting that this software should find a lot of files to recover. Will it? It’s time to find out.

I went ahead and quickly downloaded and installed Restore Deleted Files. The download and installation were very quick and simple.

Ok, I opened Restore Deleted Files. First it asked the drive to scan. I went ahead and selected the C Drive. Then it asked which type of file formats to scan for, I selected all of them. Now the scan is running.

Two minutes in and we’re up to 2,000 files that have been found. It sounds impressive, but for all I know they could just be temporary internet files. Once the scan is done we will see if they are useful files or not.

Ten minutes in and we’re up to 4,000 files now. Maybe I shouldn’t have selected to scan for all file formats.

Ok the scan is finally done. Nearly 4,500 files were found. However, in looking at them, almost all of them seem to be temporary internet files. I can’t find any documents listed that I’ve deleted.

But yeah, overall, I’m not real impressed with Restore Deleted Files. Yes it found many files to recover, but they were all useless. However, you can see which files can be recovered before buying the software. So if you are looking to see if Restore Deleted Files can recover some files you accidentally deleted, I recommend trying out the software. Who knows, maybe it will actually be able to recover them.

Once more, here is the link to Restore Deleted Files.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Evidence Smart Review

It’s time to review another program. However, I will not be reviewing a Registry Cleaner. What a surprise, right? Anyway, I am going to review the computer program called Evidence Smart.

So what is Evidence Smart? Evidence Smart “is designed for PC users to effectively locate and erase evidence leftover such as temporary folders, cookies, browser’s history, recently visited documents and past deleted data through its user friendly interface.” I figured that sentence on their website explained it perfectly. So how good is Evidence Smart? It’s time to try it out.

The download was really quick. The installation file is just 1.1MB. The installation was also quick. Ok, now to open Evidence Smart.

On the main menu, I see a few buttons on the left. I see Scan, Results, Exclude, Settings, and Advanced Shred.

The Scan button is obviously the main feature of the program and starts the scan. Results, shows the past results of scans. Exclude lets you exclude certain types of files from being removed. Settings, has the basic program settings. Advanced Shred lets you overwrite files multiple times to make it more difficult for the files to later be recovered.

Well, I went ahead and did a scan. It didn’t take very long. The scan just took about a minute or so. I’m not sure what to say about the scan really. It found some unneeded files that can be removed, but how exactly do I review that? I mean, even I could find unneeded files to be removed. It also didn’t even seem to list temporary files, just files that are from various browsers and software programs.

I don’t know, I don’t really think there is much else to say about Evidence Smart. Yes, it can help you free up some of your disk space, but that’s about all it does. For a program that’s specific focus is on freeing up your disk space, it’s less then impressive. You know what I recommend? Go with one of the many Registry Cleaners I recommend. Those generally include a scanner to clean junk files like Evidence Smart has. In addition, they include many other additional tools. In the end, you’re getting more for your money. A couple Registry Cleaners that come to mind with a junk file cleaner that I have reviewed are Registry Winner and Registry Easy.

Anyway, once more, here is the link to download Evidence Smart if you are still interested in this software.

Edit (August 2009): Evidence Smart is now being offered in a software bundle called Aca Utilities with 14 other programs for the price of 1. I highly recommend spending the extra bit of money to receive the other programs if you wish to buy Evidence Smart.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Quick little tip for everyone. If you are using Internet Explorer, close out of it. Then go into your task manager (Ctrl + Alt + Delete). Go into processes. Do you see IExplore.exe running? If so... this is one sign that you may have some type of Spyware. I'd say 90% of the time I see computers with IExplore.Exe running when Internet Explorer isn't open turns out to be Spyware. If you see this is happening with your computer, don't panic. Just go ahead and do a scan for Spyware. If you don't have anti-spyware software, then check out my guide on how to keep your computer safe. It lists free anti-spyware software that I recommend. Here is my guide.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Registry Optimizer Review

I came across another Registry Cleaner. This registry cleaner is called Registry Optimizer. Registry Optimizer is you guessed it... a computer program to optimize your computer registry. Looking on their website, it doesn't look like Registry Optimizer has many other additional tools though. Well... let's download it and find out.

And... the download link to download Registry Optimizer does not work. I looked on to see if a download link was listed there, but I could not find one.

So... I guess that ends this review. I recommend not buying Registry Optimizer. Based on their website alone, it looks like Registry Optimizer doesn't have nearly as many features as some of the other Registry Cleaners out on the market. In addition.... why buy something that doesn't even have a valid download link?

Here's the link, in case you want to try Registry Optimizer, and can somehow get it downloaded.

RegistryFox Review

Shortest review ever. Looking to find out if you should consider buying RegistryFox? Well... here's your answer. Don't buy it. Here is a listing of the installation file and which anti-virus programs consider it a virus.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Registry Doctor Review

I had to look hard, but I've managed to find a Registry Cleaner that I haven't reviewed.

This Registry Cleaner is called "My Registry Doctor". Basically, it appears to be another Registry Cleaner. The feature list on the website doesn't look too impressive, it looks like it just has a Registry Cleaner. But let's see how this Registry Cleaner is.

I went to download My Registry Doctor, and was provided with two options. A Free Basic Scan, Or "Pro Registry Doctor" which has many additional features. Interestingly, the free basic scan appears to take you to another Registry Cleaner entirely. Strange... Well, I'll go ahead and download the Pro Registry Doctor.

Uh-Oh. They want my name and e-mail address. To the right of the page are various graphics that weren't listed on the My Registry Doctor main page. These graphics include a 5 star review from both, and I searched, I found no listing for My Registry Doctor. And... since when does review Registry Cleaners? This program has red flags all over the place.

Anyway, since I really don't feel like giving these people my e-mail address, I used a temporary e-mail account.

Ok, I entered in the e-mail address... and now I can't figure out how to try My Registry Doctor. I'm on a list of payment options. I want to try it out, not buy it.

Well... after spending a few more minutes, I still can't figure out how to try out My Registry Doctor. So I guess I am going to have to end this review without having even tried My Registry Doctor.

There's not a lot I can really say. If you want to go to the website and see if you can figure out how to try it out, then go right ahead. Based on the various red flags though, I do not recommend My Registry Doctor. I will stick to recommending Registry Easy, RegDefense, and Registry Winner.

Once more, link to My Registry Doctor.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rogue Anti-Spyware Software

Good article about the many Anti-Spyware software programs out there that really do more harm then good.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Skype 4.0 Mini-Review

Just to let everyone know the latest version of Skype has been released.

You know, if you have never used Skype, I highly recommend you try it out. I have been using Skype for years. When combining all of the voice chats and calls I have made with Skype, it comes to well over 1,000 hours. Skype lets you call other people with very low rates. And if you are calling another computer and they have a microphone, then it's completely free like most messenger programs with voice chatting. The difference though from the other messengers is that Skype's call quality is amazingly clear. In my personal opinion, it's more clear then when I actually talk to people on the phone.

In addition, Skype has many other features. There are file transfers, games, video chats, etc. The video quality is very nice. Definitely better then any other messenger I've used.

Once more, I highly recommend downloading and trying out Skype.

Link to download Skype.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentines Day

lol, I loaded Ad-Aware and got a little message from it. It basically told me to buy my valentine something special and to buy her Ad-Aware plus. Because there's nothing more romantic then giving your girlfriend a Spyware Remover. :)

Google Earth 5.0

If you haven't, you really should check out the latest Google Earth version. New features include the ability to look into the ocean, decades old imagery, record your own tours, and more.

Personally, I like the old images the best. For instance, I've been spending some time looking at the city I live in and comparing it to images from above from 1990. It's interesting to see all the ways the city has changed since then. Pretty cool.

Google Earth Link

Monday, February 9, 2009

Anti-Virus 2009

Anti-Virus 2009 strikes again.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

WindoFix Review

Well, it looks like another registry cleaner has been released onto the market. I just came across it. This registry cleaner is called WindoFix.

On it's website, it says my "PC Health Check". It lists the current time, my browser, my monitor resolution, and my operating system. Next to it, it says there is a system alert for System Errors, Junk Files, System Performance, and System Safety. Did it actually do a scan of my system? No. It got that information about my computer settings because that information is sent when you go to most websites. They are trying to trick me by telling me they did a scan and showing that information to try to prove it was a real scan and that therefore, the system alerts are real. Yeah right.

So far, not a good impression of this company. But I'm still going to try out WindoFix.

Ok, WindoFix is installed, I went ahead and opened it up. I see a few buttons on the left. These buttons are: Scan Now, Startup Programs, IE Plugins, Installed Programs, Backup/Restore, Preferences, Credits.

Anyway, I went ahead and clicked Scan Now. So now WindoFix is doing a registry scan.

Ok the scan is done, and I need to take a moment to get my heart to stop racing. When the scan finished, it played a really loud sound effect that scared the hell out of me. It sounded like glass breaking. What the hell? I don't think my volume was up that loud either.

Ok, I think I'm ok now. The scan took maybe 90 seconds. Is a registry cleaner that looks over your registry that quick really a good thing? I don't know... but 1,413 errors were found. That's about average compared to the other registry cleaners.

In closing, I don't really recommend WindoFix. I don't like how the company tries to trick people to get them to download their software. There also aren't very many additional tools that come with WindoFix. I recommend RegDefense, Registry Winner, or Registry Easy. However, if you are going to try WindoFix, please turn down the volume on your computer. Your heart will thank you for it.

Link to download WindoFix.