Skype 4.0 Mini-Review

Just to let everyone know the latest version of Skype has been released.

You know, if you have never used Skype, I highly recommend you try it out. I have been using Skype for years. When combining all of the voice chats and calls I have made with Skype, it comes to well over 1,000 hours. Skype lets you call other people with very low rates. And if you are calling another computer and they have a microphone, then it's completely free like most messenger programs with voice chatting. The difference though from the other messengers is that Skype's call quality is amazingly clear. In my personal opinion, it's more clear then when I actually talk to people on the phone.

In addition, Skype has many other features. There are file transfers, games, video chats, etc. The video quality is very nice. Definitely better then any other messenger I've used.

Once more, I highly recommend downloading and trying out Skype.

Link to download Skype.

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