Restore Deleted Files Review

Ok, it’s time to review another program. However, this is a type of software that I have never posted a review for. Its purpose is to recover deleted files. The software is called Restore Deleted Files. Not exactly the most catchy name, but we can’t judge a book by its title.

Anyway, the website claims that its software will scan and quickly show which files can be restored. You can even restore files that have been deleted from your recycle bin.

Here’s something not everyone knows, when you empty files from your recycle bin, the files aren’t actually deleted. The files will simply be listed as deleted even though they are not. Later on, if you fill up your hard drive and actually need that space, then those files will be deleted from the system. So in reality, you can go months and months and still have files that you deleted.

So because of this, this is why some programs have a file shredder tool. What these tools do is overwrite the files you’ve selected to delete with zeros before deleting them. That way, if the files are recovered, the data is simply zeros.

Anyway, I haven’t used a file shredder recently, and I have a lot of free space, so I am expecting that this software should find a lot of files to recover. Will it? It’s time to find out.

I went ahead and quickly downloaded and installed Restore Deleted Files. The download and installation were very quick and simple.

Ok, I opened Restore Deleted Files. First it asked the drive to scan. I went ahead and selected the C Drive. Then it asked which type of file formats to scan for, I selected all of them. Now the scan is running.

Two minutes in and we’re up to 2,000 files that have been found. It sounds impressive, but for all I know they could just be temporary internet files. Once the scan is done we will see if they are useful files or not.

Ten minutes in and we’re up to 4,000 files now. Maybe I shouldn’t have selected to scan for all file formats.

Ok the scan is finally done. Nearly 4,500 files were found. However, in looking at them, almost all of them seem to be temporary internet files. I can’t find any documents listed that I’ve deleted.

But yeah, overall, I’m not real impressed with Restore Deleted Files. Yes it found many files to recover, but they were all useless. However, you can see which files can be recovered before buying the software. So if you are looking to see if Restore Deleted Files can recover some files you accidentally deleted, I recommend trying out the software. Who knows, maybe it will actually be able to recover them.

Once more, here is the link to Restore Deleted Files.

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