Sunday, November 29, 2009

Perfect Booster Review

Ok, last post then I'm going to get ready for bed lol. Came across yet ANOTHER Registry Cleaner. And so therefore I'm going to do yet ANOTHER review lol. This time the software is called Perfect Booster, so off to start a Perfect Booster Review. :)

From the looks of the feature list on the website, it looks like Perfect Booster has a fairly impressive feature list. We will see how it goes though. The software just finished installing.

Ok, I went ahead and opened Perfect Booster and looked through it. It's pretty nice. It's missing a few features that some of the other Registry Cleaners have (such as a BHO manager and File Shredder). On the other hand though, there are a few features that I don't see too often. There's a shortcuts cleaner, Registry Defrag, etc.

There is also an IE Manager. This provides you with some various options to change that concern Internet Explorer. There's also a System Optimizer that presents you with various options to speed up the computer. It's a nice touch. There's also a system tools menu which has shortcuts to some of the more useful system tools on your system. For instance from there you can access RegEdit, Disk Cleanup, Disk Defrag, System Restore, etc. Nice to easily access those in one place.

As far as the tools themselves, they performed fairly well. The history cleaner especially performed well and freed up 50MB. That might not seem like a lot, but I try and clean my system daily, so the fact this much was still found to clean was impressive to me.

Overall, I'm going to go ahead and recommend people check out this software. Especially if you are looking to improve your PC Performance.

Good luck!

Download Link:

Perfect Booster

RegTweaker Review

It's a Sunday night and I got nothing to do. So I'm going to go ahead and do another review lol. This time I'm going to do a RegTweaker review. RegTweaker is yet another Registry Cleaner. Seriously, people should refer to me as the Registry Cleaner King when it comes to how many I've tried out lol. :)

Anyway, RegTweaker makes the usual claims about it's software. I'm going to skip listing what all it claims to do and just get straight to trying out the program. I went ahead and quickly downloaded and installed RegTweaker.

Ok, I got RegTweaker open. Right on the main menu, is a button telling me to scan my system to find out the status of it. So I did that. And, it just showed me a list of all the things found that RegTweaker can fix. Well that's cool, I guess. I was hoping for some cool little color bar though telling me how my system is lol.

Anyway, while looking through RegTweaker, I see the following features. A Registry Cleaner, Junk File Cleaner, Evidence Cleaner, File Shredder, File Association Repair, IE Repair, Bad Active X Repair, System Optimizer, Application Optimizer, Internet Optimizer, Startup Manager, BHO Manager, and of course options to make backups. It's a pretty complete and impressive feature list. I would have liked to maybe see a Registry Defrag, but ah well.

As far as how the features perform, they seem to do pretty well based on the results of the scan i performed. So that's good I guess.

Hey, I noticed at the top it says Good Evening. I wonder if that's set to that based on my computer clock. If I change the clock to the morning, will it say good morning? Time to find out lol. And.. it said Good morning! Cool!. Ok I'm really easily amused lol.

But yeah in conclusion, this is an alright software program. I've seen better (such as Registry Winner), but if you are thinking of trying out RegTweaker, then go for it. It's not too bad. :)

Download Link:


File R/D Review

Ok time for a quick review. I'm going to do a File R/D Review. Don't know what File R/D is? Me either... lol. But I'll read the website and find.

Ok, file R/D is basically a File Deleter or File Recovery program. It basically lets you undelete files or permanently delete them. I've reviewed a couple of these in the past. So I have some experience with these programs.

Anyway, I went ahead and quickly installed file R/D. I now have it running an in-depth scan to see what all it can find. You know, I had to reformat my drive back in August. It would be amazing if this software found some of my old files I lost. But I've pretty much given up hope of ever recovering them. It's been over 3 months... it's very unlikely I could ever get those back.

File R/D is continuing to scan. I should note, File R/D lets you see what files have been found so far while the scan continues. I like that... right away I can start looking to see what files I can recover.

Ok, the scan finally finished. It found thousands of files to restore actually. Unfortunately though, most of them were just recent temporary internet files that had been deleted. No files from many months ago :(. Ah well lol.

Anyway, I actually recommend people go ahead and check out this software. Because you can do a free scan, if you are looking to recover something specific, you can do a scan first and see if File R/D can restore it, if so then there you go.

Good luck!

Download link:

File R/D

Driver Finder Review

Before I go to bed, I thought I'd quickly discuss this software I just came across. It's called Driver Finder. So of course I gotta do a Driver Finder Review :-D.

You know, in a previous review I was commenting how self-explanatory software is these days with what it's supposed to do. It's no different with Driver Finder. As you can probably guess, Driver Finder's main purpose is to find and update your computer drivers. lol

I've reviewed these type of programs in the past. To be honest, I'm not exactly sure how to go about reviewing Driver Finder. It's not like it's a full system optimization program where I can review all of the individual features. Driver Finder is simple. It scans the internet for updates to your drivers and updates them. No unnecessary extras, just straight to the point. And with this type of software, that is definitely a good thing.

As far as if it's effective, I definitely think it is. Driver Finder did a great job of finding drivers to update. Having outdated or missing drivers can cause all sorts of problems. And finding the drivers on the internet manually can be really difficult (not to mention, very boring). So a program like Driver Finder is a great program to have if you are looking to manage your drivers. That's about all there is really to say. If you need to update your drivers, check out Driver Finder.

Good luck!

Download link for Driver Finder.

RegiScrub Review

I'm back and ready to do another review. I came across another Registry Cleaner that I hadn't taken a look at. Normally it's the same old routine. The Registry Cleaner usually isn't impressive at all and has very little additional features. However, when looking at the website of this software and it's feature list, it looks like really promising software. So it's time to find out first hand.

Anyway, this software is called RegiScrub. Like I said, it's a registry cleaner, and like I said, it's time to do a RegiScrub review :-D. I went ahead and downloaded and installed RegiScrub. It was fairly easy, the download was small. So that is always good. Anyway, let's get right to the software.

I went ahead and opened RegiScrub. First reaction is that there is indeed a lot of features. I see a Registry Cleaner, Junk File Cleaner, Privacy Protection, File Destroyer, Repair Windows, Repair IE, Repair System, Memory Optimizer, System Optimizer, Startup Optimizer, Uninstall Wizard, and of course options to create various types of backups. It's a really nice feature list, one of the better feature lists I've seen in quite some time.

I'm going through and testing out each feature individually.

- The Registry Cleaner worked great.

- The Junk File Cleaner found some files that Windows Disk Cleanup never bothered to get rid of, so that's nice.

- The Privacy Protection basically deletes usage tracks for various software programs on your computer. It worked fairly well.

- The File Destroyer is basically a file shredder that will overwrite files you want to delete multiple times so that they can't be recovered. It did well.

- The Repair Windows feature was interesting. It basically has a list of various problems you might encounter with Windows and how to fix them. It's a nice list, but on the downside, the problems are pretty basic.

- The Repair System feature basically works to prevent various types of software from being installed on your computer. It reminds me of SpywareGuard. I have no idea why they called this Repair System lol.

- Repair IE basically lets you restore your start pages, has a BHO manager, etc. Fairly simple.

- The memory optimizer works well. It optimizes and frees up your computer RAM. It can be easier simply running that then just restarting your computer and regain some of your RAM.

- The system optimizer lets you change your computer settings to turn it into a certain type of computer. For instance you can have your computer use settings like an internet cafe computer, or a hotel computer. I don't know... I was expecting a bit more from "System Optimizer"

- Startup Repair lets you manage your programs that run when you start the computer. Fairly basic, no information on what each item is unfortunately. So you have to search online yourself.

- And finally the uninstall wizard basically lets you uninstall programs on your computer. It's basically like Add/Remove programs on Windows.

Anyway, this review turned out much longer then I planned lol. I do really like this software though. I'm going to go ahead and recommend this to those looking for a Registry Cleaner. Although with all the features RegiScrub has, it's more of a system optimization program in my opinion. Anyway, whatever you wanna call it, highly recommended.

Good luck!

Download link:


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Password Resetter Review

And I'm back for another review :). Although this isn't a very long review. I came across this program called Password Resetter, so I decided to do a Password Resetter review.

You know, so many software programs these days have names that are pretty self-explanatory when it comes to what they do. What does Password Resetter do? It resets your password of course. :) Specifically your Windows Password.

It's a rather narrow market they are going after. How many people really need to reset their windows password and have forgotten it? Not very many I'm guessing. But if you are in that situation, you should definitely take a look at this software.

From what I've seen, this software seems to work really well. The website also provides a YouTube video demonstrating it if you are skeptical, so that's worth checking out as well.

I don't have much else to say about this software. It's rather simple, but it does the job. So if you need to reset your windows password, consider checking out this software.

Good luck!

Download link:

Password Resetter

Reg Fixer Pro Review

And... I'm back after a bit of a vacation. Things have been pretty crazy. Also, moved across country this past August, and yeah, things are crazy. ;). Anyway...

I was looking online and came across some new software. Or at least I think it's new. It's called Reg Fixer Pro. I figured I'd go ahead and do a Reg Fixer Pro review.

In case you couldn't tell from the name, Reg Fixer Pro is yet another registry cleaner. Reg Fixer Pro makes all the usual claims about speeding up your computer. Let's get right to trying out the program though. :)

I went ahead and quickly downloaded and installed Reg Fixer Pro. It's a quick download, so even if you are on dial-up you shouldn't worry about downloading it.

Upon opening Reg Fixer Pro, it asked me if I would like to create a restore point. I like that... Registry Cleaners can sometimes be careless and make changes to your system that it shouldn't. It's nice that Reg Fixer Pro gave me the option before I do anything to make a restore point on my system.

Anyway... continuing on. As I look at the main screen my first thought is wow, where are the features? It looks like it's a registry cleaner and absolutely nothing more. I don't see any startup manager, no registry defrag, no regular defrag, nothing. It's a very very basic scanner.

I went ahead and ran a scan. The scan was pretty quick. I looked through the registry errors found, I didn't see anything found that shouldn't have been found. Overall, the results look to be about average or above average.

But yeah... I don't know what else to say about this software lol. In closing, like I said, it has very little additional features. The scanner itself is alright, but that's about all there is to this software. If you are looking for a good registry cleaner, check out my Registry Winner and Registry Easy review. Go ahead and pass on this one.

Download Link if you're interested...

Reg Fixer Pro

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