File R/D Review

Ok time for a quick review. I'm going to do a File R/D Review. Don't know what File R/D is? Me either... lol. But I'll read the website and find.

Ok, file R/D is basically a File Deleter or File Recovery program. It basically lets you undelete files or permanently delete them. I've reviewed a couple of these in the past. So I have some experience with these programs.

Anyway, I went ahead and quickly installed file R/D. I now have it running an in-depth scan to see what all it can find. You know, I had to reformat my drive back in August. It would be amazing if this software found some of my old files I lost. But I've pretty much given up hope of ever recovering them. It's been over 3 months... it's very unlikely I could ever get those back.

File R/D is continuing to scan. I should note, File R/D lets you see what files have been found so far while the scan continues. I like that... right away I can start looking to see what files I can recover.

Ok, the scan finally finished. It found thousands of files to restore actually. Unfortunately though, most of them were just recent temporary internet files that had been deleted. No files from many months ago :(. Ah well lol.

Anyway, I actually recommend people go ahead and check out this software. Because you can do a free scan, if you are looking to recover something specific, you can do a scan first and see if File R/D can restore it, if so then there you go.

Good luck!

Download link:

File R/D

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