ACA Utilities Review

Ok, I just came across an AMAZING deal. It's through a website called ACA Utilities, so I am going to do an ACA Utilities Review.

Basically, ACA Utilities is offering multiple software programs for $47 a year. Now... $47 a year may sound like a lot of money. But not when you realize just what all is included.

According to the ACA Utilities website, here is what all is included. Registry Easy, Perfect Uninstaller, Driver Checker, Spyware Cease, Advanced Defrag, Duplicate File Cleaner, Final Sync, Memory Savior, Final Uninstaller, Evidence Smart, Easy Launcher, Convert Genius, Cookbook Easy, Convert My PDF, Recoveryer.

Let's take a look at what each of them does.

Registry Easy - A Registry Cleaner that I have reviewed in the past and which I really really liked. Registry Easy basically works towards speeding up your computer

Perfect Uninstaller - Another program that I have reviewed in the past and also really liked. Perfect Uninstaller is a program used for uninstalling programs that you are having a hard time removing with the simple add/remove manager. Very handy tool to have on your computer.

Driver Checker - Yet another program I've reviewed in the past. I liked this one as well. Driver Checker scans your computer for updated drivers and downloads them for you. Makes downloading drivers really simple.

Spyware Cease - I don't think I've done a full review of Spyware Cease in the past. I normally don't recommend paying for a Spyware Remover. But since this program comes with the bundle, I guess it's worth checking out. It's a rather average spyware remover.

Advanced Defrag - Advanced Defrag is used for defragging your computer. This is another program I have reviewed in the past and another which I really like. Defragging your computer basically speeds up the time your computer spends opening files when you access them. Windows comes with a Disk Defrag, but it's average at best.

Duplicate File Cleaner - I just reviewed Duplicate File Cleaner a couple weeks back actually. Duplicate File Cleaner will find duplicate files on your computer and remove them so you can save hard drive space. It's pretty cool.

Final Uninstaller - I reviewed this program as well. It's very similar to Perfect Uninstaller. I'm not exactly sure why they included both in the bundle. Personally, I liked Perfect Uninstaller a bit better.

Evidence Smart - I reviewed this program way back in February. I wasn't too impressed with Evidence Smart back then. It works to free up your junk files on the computer. But it wasn't that impressive. Most of what it did can be done with Registry Easy.

Memory Savior - I've yet to post a full separate blog review this program. I need to make a note to do so. But for now I'll say that I like Memory Savior. Memory Saviors purpose is to free up your computer RAM. My computer has 1GB of RAM, but I swear even that's not always enough these days lol.

Easy Launcher - Easy Launcher is used to make it easier for users to manage applications and desktop shortcuts. I've yet to do a full separate review for this program. It's a rather interesting program, but it personally didn't fit my tastes too much. I dunno, maybe other people will like it?

Final Sync - Final Sync is basically a backup utility. It synchronizes your important files to desktops, USB flash drives, etc. Ugh, I should have used this a couple weeks back when I had to backup my computer, lol. But anyway, good program.

Convert Genius - Convert Genius is used to convert file types between various programs. For instance maybe you want to convert a WAV file to a MP3? Or maybe you want to switch the file format for certain video files you have. That's what Convert Genius is for. I tried it last month and I really liked it.

Cookbook Easy - This program is so out of place in this bundle, lol. Cookbook Easy is a program that lets you manage and share cooking recipes. I guess it's a good program, but I'm into technology, not cooking. So my opinion on Cookbook Easy doesn't mean much, lol.

Convert My PDF - Convert My PDF allows you to convert your PDF Files into various documents. I don't think I ever did a full review of Convert My PDF in the past. It's a nice program, but not many people will probably need to use it.

Recoveryer - Recoveryer is a program to undelete files you may have accidentally deleted. When you delete files from the recycle bin, they aren't usually immediately removed from the computer. So sometimes these type of programs can recover them. Personally, I didn't have much luck with Recoveryer in undeleting anything useful, but maybe others will have better luck.

By my count, that is 15 programs for the price of one. I am amazed that ACA Utilities are offering that many programs for that price. $47 may sound like a lot, but if you have the money, I HIGHLY recommend going and ordering that deal. That is an amazing list of software, and I think it would do great in speeding up and taking care of your computer.

Good luck!

Here is the link once more to the ACA Utilities deal.

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