RegTweaker Review

It's a Sunday night and I got nothing to do. So I'm going to go ahead and do another review lol. This time I'm going to do a RegTweaker review. RegTweaker is yet another Registry Cleaner. Seriously, people should refer to me as the Registry Cleaner King when it comes to how many I've tried out lol. :)

Anyway, RegTweaker makes the usual claims about it's software. I'm going to skip listing what all it claims to do and just get straight to trying out the program. I went ahead and quickly downloaded and installed RegTweaker.

Ok, I got RegTweaker open. Right on the main menu, is a button telling me to scan my system to find out the status of it. So I did that. And, it just showed me a list of all the things found that RegTweaker can fix. Well that's cool, I guess. I was hoping for some cool little color bar though telling me how my system is lol.

Anyway, while looking through RegTweaker, I see the following features. A Registry Cleaner, Junk File Cleaner, Evidence Cleaner, File Shredder, File Association Repair, IE Repair, Bad Active X Repair, System Optimizer, Application Optimizer, Internet Optimizer, Startup Manager, BHO Manager, and of course options to make backups. It's a pretty complete and impressive feature list. I would have liked to maybe see a Registry Defrag, but ah well.

As far as how the features perform, they seem to do pretty well based on the results of the scan i performed. So that's good I guess.

Hey, I noticed at the top it says Good Evening. I wonder if that's set to that based on my computer clock. If I change the clock to the morning, will it say good morning? Time to find out lol. And.. it said Good morning! Cool!. Ok I'm really easily amused lol.

But yeah in conclusion, this is an alright software program. I've seen better (such as Registry Winner), but if you are thinking of trying out RegTweaker, then go for it. It's not too bad. :)

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