Registry Winner Review

I came across another Registry Cleaner. This one is called Registry Winner. I went ahead and tried it out and decided I'd give my review of it.

What is Registry Winner? Well, like I said, its main purpose is to optimize your Computer Registry. However, there is more to Registry Winner then just a Registry Optimizer. There is also many additional features included in Registry Winner. To be honest, Registry Winner is more of a collection of tools to improve your PC Performance. It's not just a Registry Cleaner.

Here is the complete feature list of Registry Winner.

Registry Cleaner
Evidence Cleaner
Junks Cleaner
Files Shredder
BHO Manager
IE Recover
IE Problems
Computer Management
Windows Update
System Properties
Control Panel
Disk Defragmenter
Disk Cleanup
Local Security Settings
Local Users and Groups
Group Policy Editor
Security Center
Device Manager
Event Viewer
Disk Management
Performance Monitor
Startup Manager
Add/Remove Manager

In addition to the Registry Cleaner, I highly recommend using the Startup Manager, Junks Cleaner, and Disk Defrag. Those are three very important things you can do to increase your PC performance. It is nice to see that Registry Winner has included all three.

In the end, I have tried at least a dozen different Registry Cleaners. To be honest, most of them I do not recommend. However, I have been very impressed by Registry Winner. Also, Registry Winner offers a free scan. That way if it turns out you don't like Registry Winner, then no problem. Good luck!

Here is the link to download Registry Winner.

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