RegiScrub Review

I'm back and ready to do another review. I came across another Registry Cleaner that I hadn't taken a look at. Normally it's the same old routine. The Registry Cleaner usually isn't impressive at all and has very little additional features. However, when looking at the website of this software and it's feature list, it looks like really promising software. So it's time to find out first hand.

Anyway, this software is called RegiScrub. Like I said, it's a registry cleaner, and like I said, it's time to do a RegiScrub review :-D. I went ahead and downloaded and installed RegiScrub. It was fairly easy, the download was small. So that is always good. Anyway, let's get right to the software.

I went ahead and opened RegiScrub. First reaction is that there is indeed a lot of features. I see a Registry Cleaner, Junk File Cleaner, Privacy Protection, File Destroyer, Repair Windows, Repair IE, Repair System, Memory Optimizer, System Optimizer, Startup Optimizer, Uninstall Wizard, and of course options to create various types of backups. It's a really nice feature list, one of the better feature lists I've seen in quite some time.

I'm going through and testing out each feature individually.

- The Registry Cleaner worked great.

- The Junk File Cleaner found some files that Windows Disk Cleanup never bothered to get rid of, so that's nice.

- The Privacy Protection basically deletes usage tracks for various software programs on your computer. It worked fairly well.

- The File Destroyer is basically a file shredder that will overwrite files you want to delete multiple times so that they can't be recovered. It did well.

- The Repair Windows feature was interesting. It basically has a list of various problems you might encounter with Windows and how to fix them. It's a nice list, but on the downside, the problems are pretty basic.

- The Repair System feature basically works to prevent various types of software from being installed on your computer. It reminds me of SpywareGuard. I have no idea why they called this Repair System lol.

- Repair IE basically lets you restore your start pages, has a BHO manager, etc. Fairly simple.

- The memory optimizer works well. It optimizes and frees up your computer RAM. It can be easier simply running that then just restarting your computer and regain some of your RAM.

- The system optimizer lets you change your computer settings to turn it into a certain type of computer. For instance you can have your computer use settings like an internet cafe computer, or a hotel computer. I don't know... I was expecting a bit more from "System Optimizer"

- Startup Repair lets you manage your programs that run when you start the computer. Fairly basic, no information on what each item is unfortunately. So you have to search online yourself.

- And finally the uninstall wizard basically lets you uninstall programs on your computer. It's basically like Add/Remove programs on Windows.

Anyway, this review turned out much longer then I planned lol. I do really like this software though. I'm going to go ahead and recommend this to those looking for a Registry Cleaner. Although with all the features RegiScrub has, it's more of a system optimization program in my opinion. Anyway, whatever you wanna call it, highly recommended.

Good luck!

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