WindoFix Review

Well, it looks like another registry cleaner has been released onto the market. I just came across it. This registry cleaner is called WindoFix.

On it's website, it says my "PC Health Check". It lists the current time, my browser, my monitor resolution, and my operating system. Next to it, it says there is a system alert for System Errors, Junk Files, System Performance, and System Safety. Did it actually do a scan of my system? No. It got that information about my computer settings because that information is sent when you go to most websites. They are trying to trick me by telling me they did a scan and showing that information to try to prove it was a real scan and that therefore, the system alerts are real. Yeah right.

So far, not a good impression of this company. But I'm still going to try out WindoFix.

Ok, WindoFix is installed, I went ahead and opened it up. I see a few buttons on the left. These buttons are: Scan Now, Startup Programs, IE Plugins, Installed Programs, Backup/Restore, Preferences, Credits.

Anyway, I went ahead and clicked Scan Now. So now WindoFix is doing a registry scan.

Ok the scan is done, and I need to take a moment to get my heart to stop racing. When the scan finished, it played a really loud sound effect that scared the hell out of me. It sounded like glass breaking. What the hell? I don't think my volume was up that loud either.

Ok, I think I'm ok now. The scan took maybe 90 seconds. Is a registry cleaner that looks over your registry that quick really a good thing? I don't know... but 1,413 errors were found. That's about average compared to the other registry cleaners.

In closing, I don't really recommend WindoFix. I don't like how the company tries to trick people to get them to download their software. There also aren't very many additional tools that come with WindoFix. I recommend RegDefense, Registry Winner, or Registry Easy. However, if you are going to try WindoFix, please turn down the volume on your computer. Your heart will thank you for it.

Link to download WindoFix.

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