Review of RegDefense

I decided for this posting, I would go ahead and review the computer program RegDefense.

I mentioned RegDefense in a previous post about one of the options available to clean your computer. RegDefense's main purpose is being a registry cleaner. In addition to that though, RegDefense has other tools you can use to keep your computer running smoothly.

When you open RegDefense, you will see 5 buttons on the left. Scan, Settings, Backup, Manage Startup, and Results.

Lets start at the bottom.

Results will display all your results from previous RegDefense scans.

Manage Startup will let you change what programs run when you turn on the computer. As I mentioned before, this is a great way to remove unneeded programs that run at startup (such as messengers), so you can decrease the time it takes for your computer to load. Manage Startup won't actually remove the programs, just disable them from running at startup. So don't worry, you won't lose those programs.

Backup is backups you have made of the registry before making changes with RegDefense. That way when RegDefense makes changes to the computer registry, you can restore the original way the registry was in case something goes wrong.

Settings is program settings obviously.

And finally Scan is when RegDefense scans your registry to remove errors and unneeded registry entries.

RegDefense is definitely a program I recommend people try out. I generally try to keep my computer registry clean. The very first time I ran a scan with RegDefense it found many errors and unneeded entries that could be removed. There are many registry cleaners on the market, and I would consider RegDefense to be a great one. RegDefense isn't free, but you can scan your computer for free. That way you can try RegDefense out and see how many errors RegDefense finds in your registry and decide from there if you wish to purchase this software or not.

In case you missed the link above. You can download RegDefense here. Good luck!

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