Evidence Smart Review

It’s time to review another program. However, I will not be reviewing a Registry Cleaner. What a surprise, right? Anyway, I am going to review the computer program called Evidence Smart.

So what is Evidence Smart? Evidence Smart “is designed for PC users to effectively locate and erase evidence leftover such as temporary folders, cookies, browser’s history, recently visited documents and past deleted data through its user friendly interface.” I figured that sentence on their website explained it perfectly. So how good is Evidence Smart? It’s time to try it out.

The download was really quick. The installation file is just 1.1MB. The installation was also quick. Ok, now to open Evidence Smart.

On the main menu, I see a few buttons on the left. I see Scan, Results, Exclude, Settings, and Advanced Shred.

The Scan button is obviously the main feature of the program and starts the scan. Results, shows the past results of scans. Exclude lets you exclude certain types of files from being removed. Settings, has the basic program settings. Advanced Shred lets you overwrite files multiple times to make it more difficult for the files to later be recovered.

Well, I went ahead and did a scan. It didn’t take very long. The scan just took about a minute or so. I’m not sure what to say about the scan really. It found some unneeded files that can be removed, but how exactly do I review that? I mean, even I could find unneeded files to be removed. It also didn’t even seem to list temporary files, just files that are from various browsers and software programs.

I don’t know, I don’t really think there is much else to say about Evidence Smart. Yes, it can help you free up some of your disk space, but that’s about all it does. For a program that’s specific focus is on freeing up your disk space, it’s less then impressive. You know what I recommend? Go with one of the many Registry Cleaners I recommend. Those generally include a scanner to clean junk files like Evidence Smart has. In addition, they include many other additional tools. In the end, you’re getting more for your money. A couple Registry Cleaners that come to mind with a junk file cleaner that I have reviewed are Registry Winner and Registry Easy.

Anyway, once more, here is the link to download Evidence Smart if you are still interested in this software.

Edit (August 2009): Evidence Smart is now being offered in a software bundle called Aca Utilities with 14 other programs for the price of 1. I highly recommend spending the extra bit of money to receive the other programs if you wish to buy Evidence Smart.

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