My Registry Doctor Review

I had to look hard, but I've managed to find a Registry Cleaner that I haven't reviewed.

This Registry Cleaner is called "My Registry Doctor". Basically, it appears to be another Registry Cleaner. The feature list on the website doesn't look too impressive, it looks like it just has a Registry Cleaner. But let's see how this Registry Cleaner is.

I went to download My Registry Doctor, and was provided with two options. A Free Basic Scan, Or "Pro Registry Doctor" which has many additional features. Interestingly, the free basic scan appears to take you to another Registry Cleaner entirely. Strange... Well, I'll go ahead and download the Pro Registry Doctor.

Uh-Oh. They want my name and e-mail address. To the right of the page are various graphics that weren't listed on the My Registry Doctor main page. These graphics include a 5 star review from both, and I searched, I found no listing for My Registry Doctor. And... since when does review Registry Cleaners? This program has red flags all over the place.

Anyway, since I really don't feel like giving these people my e-mail address, I used a temporary e-mail account.

Ok, I entered in the e-mail address... and now I can't figure out how to try My Registry Doctor. I'm on a list of payment options. I want to try it out, not buy it.

Well... after spending a few more minutes, I still can't figure out how to try out My Registry Doctor. So I guess I am going to have to end this review without having even tried My Registry Doctor.

There's not a lot I can really say. If you want to go to the website and see if you can figure out how to try it out, then go right ahead. Based on the various red flags though, I do not recommend My Registry Doctor. I will stick to recommending Registry Easy, RegDefense, and Registry Winner.

Once more, link to My Registry Doctor.

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