The Downadup or Conficker Worm

Just letting everyone know there is a virus spreading fast among computers. It is called Downadup or Conficker. Downadup/Conficker has already spread to more than 8 million computers. Downadup/Conficker enters your computer by exploiting a Microsoft Windows bug.

If you are infected, update your Virus Scanner that you use and scan your computer immediately! After you do that, make sure to update Windows through

If you are not infected, then do the same steps. Make sure to keep your Virus Scanner updated and keep Windows updated as well through

As far as how to quickly keep your computer running smoothly, I recommend using AVG and Ad-Aware for keeping your computer virus free, and RegDefense for keeping your computer running smoothly.

For more information on how to keep your computer protected, visit my guide on how to keep your computer secure and running quickly here.

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