Driver Robot Review

Here is some more software that I am going to review. This program is called Driver Robot. I figured I would go ahead and do a Driver Robot Review.

Basically, Driver Robot has a large database of Drivers. Often times you will need to update your Drivers when you buy new accessories for your computer. Digital Cameras, Scanners, Printers, etc. all of those need Drivers. Driver Robot basically scans your computer and will show you which Drivers you need to update.

So anyway, it's time to try Driver Robot out. I went ahead and downloaded and installed Driver Robot. The download was quick and the installation was easy. After that, I opened Driver Robot.

When you open Driver Robot, you will see 4 buttons on the left. They are titled "Driver Scan", "Downloads", "Exporter", and "Settings".

"Settings" is the program settings. "Export" saves a Driver Snapshot in case you need to download Drivers onto another computer. "Downloads" lists all of the Drivers that are currently being downloaded onto your computer. And finally, "Driver Scan" is of course the scanning of your computer for Drivers.

I went ahead and did a scan with Driver Robot. The scan was very quick, less then a minute. In the end, Driver Robot found 11 outdated Drivers. Wow, that's pretty impressive.

Anyway, after the scan, I closed out of Driver Robot and ran a quick scan for Spyware. Everything came back clean, so I can say with certainty that Driver Robot does not have any type of Spyware.

In all, Driver Robot seems to be a very useful program. I definitely recommend trying it out. You may also want to try out Driver Checker. It is very similar to Driver Robot.

Driver Robot
Driver Checker

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