Registry Cure Review

I have this dream where I can say that I've reviewed every single Registry Cleaner on the market. Will that dream ever happen? I don't know, new Registry Cleaners are popping up every day it seems. :) But in taking a step towards that dream, it's time to review Registry Cure.

Registry Cure's website makes the usual claims about it's software. Instead of going into the feature list, I will just go ahead and quickly download and install Registry Cure.

Ok, I downloaded and installed Registry Cure. Took about a minute or two. Very quick. I loaded Registry Cure and I'm on it's main menu. I basically see a few buttons at the top (Scan Now, Settings, Backup) and a few buttons at the bottom. The buttons at the bottom are "Smart Scan", "Custom Scan", and "Complete Scan". Doesn't this software have any other tools? I don't see any. Hmm.

I guess I will just go ahead and do a smart scan. The smart scan doesn't take very long. The results say that Registry Cure has found 1,381 critical errors. Critical errors? lol. I don't think these are critical.

Well, I guess that is about it for this review. There is nothing else to review with Registry Cure. I'm not very impressed by Registry Cure. Mainly because many other Registry Cleaners also have additional tools for keeping your computer running smoothly. It appears that all that Registry Cure is, is a Registry Cleaner. Nothing more. I recommend skipping this program. If you are looking for a good Registry Cleaner, go with RegDefense.

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