Advanced PC Tweaker Review

For this post I will be taking a break from reviewing Registry Cleaners. This time, I am going to review a program I came across called Advanced PC Tweaker.

Advanced PC Tweaker appears to be a system utilities program. At least that's the impression I got from the company website. Anyway, I went ahead and downloaded and installed Advanced PC Tweaker. So now it's time to open it up.

Ok, I opened it up. And wow there is a lot of tools. And hey, there is a registry cleaner! And here I thought I was taking a break from reviewing Registry Cleaners. ;)

Anyway, I will go ahead and list all of the buttons I see on the left. When you click some of the buttons, they bring up more tools, so I will list those too.

Repair Problems
- Registry Repair
- Error Utility
- IE Repair
- Block ActiveX
- Register ActiveX

Clean Junks
- Junk File Cleaner
- Duplicate Cleaner

Manage Backups

- Registry Backup
- Restore Point

Optimize System
- System Optimizer
- Tweak Memory

Advanced Toolkits
- Evidence Cleaner
- Startup Manager
- Uninstall Manager
- File Shredder

1 Click Tweak

Submit Problems


Quite an impressive feature list.

I wasn't sure just which tools to try out exactly. So I just tried out a few different tools. All of the tools with Advanced PC Tweaker seem to work really well. The Registry Repair tool also found a lot more Registry entries that could be repaired then the average Registry Cleaner.

In all, I'm impressed with Advanced PC Tweaker. It definitely has a lot more tools then the average Registry Cleaner. I will go ahead and recommend this software to all of you.

Good luck!

Once more, here's the link to download Advanced PC Tweaker.

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