Family Tree Builder Review

Ok, here is another cool program that I like. This program is called Family Tree Builder.

As you probably guessed, Family Tree Builder is a program that allows you to begin creating your own Family Tree. I started getting into genealogy a couple years back, and I must say, it is a very fun hobby. I have found so much information online about my ancestors through I have found the names of ancestors going back to before the year 1000, kings I'm related to, etc. It's all been really fun, and I highly recommend going to and seeing if you can find some information about your ancestors.

So how does Family Tree Builder come into play? Well it is a great way of organizing all of the information. Most of the family trees on Rootsweb you can download and import right into Family Tree Builder. I have imported many different family trees from Rootsweb and connected them all together to make one giant family tree in Family Tree Builder. It's really awesome. I have also used Family Tree Builder to print out charts of my family tree to show my family.

So yes, in conclusion, I recommend checking out and Family Tree Builder.

Have fun!

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