PC-Cleaner Review

I came across some software tonight. It is called "PC-Cleaner". I figured I would go ahead and try out this program and review it.

So what is PC-Cleaner? Another registry cleaner of course! I do not know why there are so many registry cleaners out on the market. I guess because there is demand for them.

Anyway, off to download this software. It's a really small download. 1.3MB. Quick installation. And now... the software is loaded.

The software loaded on it's main menu. I see a few buttons. There is Scan Registry, Backup Registry, Restore Registry, Task Schedule, Advanced Tools, Register.

I went ahead and looked at the Advanced Tools quickly to see what was listed. It's mostly program settings. There are a couple extras though. There is a list of file associations and which programs are set to handle them. There is also a program uninstaller. I don't see the file association tool too often in programs. So that's a nice addition. But that's about it with the extra tools.

Anyway, time to do the registry scan. It's scanning.

While it scans. I'll take a look more at the company website. Not much to say about it really.

And... I think the registry scan froze lol. Zonealarm asked at one point if I wanted to allow PC-Cleaner to access the net. I said no. Maybe that is why PC-Cleaner froze. But really, why does PC-Cleaner even need permission to connect to the internet?

Ok well... I guess that's it for this review. PC-Cleaner never unfroze. Even if the scan did turn out ok though, I don't really recommend the program. It doesn't have enough additional tools. And for obvious reasons, the scan didn't impress me. I will still stick to recommending RegDefense as the registry cleaner to use.

But here's the link if you still want to check it out.

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