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Another post, another review. I just came across this software called PerfectOptimizer. PerfectOptimizer is supposed to be a registry cleaner, but it looks like it also has some additional tools. The PerfectOptimizer website has a pretty impressive feature list. I figured I'll go ahead and try out PerfectOptimizer. I went ahead and downloaded and installed this software. Now it's time to open it up.

I opened up PerfectOptimizer and looked at the main menu. A little box popped up in the bottom corner. It said that there is personal information on my computer and that I need to clear it as soon as possible. Yeah, I don't think so...

Anyway, I will go ahead and list all of the tools available.

1-Click Maintenance

- Registry Cleaner
- Junk File Cleaner
- Evidence Cleaner
- File Shredder

- Windows Repair
- IE Repair
- System Repair

- Memory Optimizer
- System Optimizer
- Startup Manager
- Uninstall Manager

- Registry Backup
- Favorites Backup
- Driver Backup
- System Restore



There is a nice selection of tools. My favorites are the Memory Optimizer, Registry Cleaner, and 1-click Maintenance. Those type of tools can be very useful in improving your computer performance.

Anyway, I will go ahead and try out the Registry Cleaner.

The Registry Cleaner is scanning. One of those bubbles popped up from the system tray. It kept listing how many problems had been found so far. I kept closing it, but it kept popping back up. That was annoying. And now, the scanner completely froze. Ok I'm going to have to open PerfectOptimizer and try this again.

I ran a second scan, again, PerfectOptimizer froze up. Hmm...

Well, I guess I'm going to need to end this review now.

I'm not very impressed with Perfect Optimizer. It has a nice selection of tools. However, the Registry Cleaner seems very buggy. In addition, I don't like how the company operates. They use a lot of scare tactics it seems to get you to buy the software. Not cool.

In conclusion, I don't recommend this software. If you are looking for a registry cleaner with a nice selection of additional tools, check out Registry Easy. RegDefense is also good too.


Registry Easy

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