Driver Checker Review

While searching for new programs to review, I came across Driver Checker. I just recently did a review on Driver Robot, now I am doing a review on Driver Checker.

In reading the website description, Driver Checker seems very similar to Driver Robot. Basically, Driver Checker will scan your computer and see if you need to update any of your Drivers. If any of your Drivers are outdated, Driver Checker will then update your Computer Drivers.

So, it is now time for me to try this program out. I went ahead and downloaded and installed Driver Checker. Took about 5 minutes at the most.

Once I opened Driver Checker, I saw 7 buttons on the left. The buttons are titled "Register", "Submit", "Options", "Uninstall", "Restore", "Backup", and "Overview".

"Register" means to register the program. "Submit" lets you Submit system information to the Driver Checker team for analysis. "Options" is the various program options that you can change. "Uninstall" lets you uninstall system Drivers. "Restore" lets you restore old system Drivers. "Backup" lets you make backups of the Drivers. And finally "Overview" has the overview of the program and is where the scan takes place. So it's time to do the scan!

In the end, the scan took maybe 20 seconds at the most. It was a very quick scan. It said it found 17 outdated drivers. That's pretty good. Driver Robot found 11.

In the end, that is about all there is to review of this program. The programs purpose is simple, to scan your computer and update your Drivers so that you don't have to manually search and update each one.

For the most part, I don't think one program really sticks out over the other. Although Driver Checker did find more outdated Drivers then Driver Checker. But that could have been just on my machine. I recommend trying out both Driver Robot and Driver Checker. See which one seems more effective, and then go from there.

Good Luck!


Driver Robot
Driver Checker

Edit: (July 2009) ACA Utilities is now offering Driver Checker as well as 14 other programs in a single package. I highly recommend spending the little bit extra to get this package with the other software since I think it's a great deal.

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