RegistryFix Review

It's time to review yet another Registry Cleaner. I say this every time, but I can't believe how many Registry Cleaners there are. This one I am going to review is called RegistryFix.

RegistryFix is one of the more popular Registry Cleaners out on the market. Their website claims that RegistryFix has been downloaded over 13 million times. The RegistryFix website is easy to navigate so I quickly downloaded and installed RegistryFix.

Now that I have RegistryFix installed, I went ahead and opened it. On the main menu are 5 main buttons. The buttons are "Live Update", "Advanced Options", "Backup", "Preferences", and "Scan". Live Update, Backup, and Preferences are pretty self-explanatory. I decided I would check out the RegistryFix Advanced Options. On the RegistryFox Advanced Options are 4 extra tools. There is a Browser Helper Object Manager, A Startup Program Manager, an Add/Remove Program Manager, and a Full Registry Backup Utility. Not a bad collection of tools. Anyway, it's time to do the scan.

The scan takes a bit of time. Then again, I have a lot of things open. To be honest, the RegistryFix scan taking awhile kind of comforts me. Editing your registry is something you need to be careful with. When I see a Registry Cleaner do a scan in just a couple minutes, I get a bit nervous. How thorough and carefully could a Registry Cleaner really look through your registry in such a short amount of time? So yeah, thankfully, RegistryFix took it's time in looking through my computer registry.

So what were the scan results? 1,351 problems found. That is a lot. Most of them seem to be minor issues such as invalid references in the computer registry. They can add up though. Unfortunately, the trial version of RegistryFix only fixes a certain number of errors.

In conclusion, RegistryFix seems like one of the better Registry Cleaners on the market. I definitely would recommend giving it a try.

Good luck! Once more, here's the link to download RegistryFix.

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