Ok, it is time for me to do a mini-review a type of website that I have never reviewed before. I am now going to review the website

I'm sure you know what is. However, if you don't, is the leading online dating personals website with over 15 million singles.

One thing that makes unique is that they offer a 6 month guarantee. Basically, if you don't find someone special in 6 months, they will give you 6 months free. To be honest, the one thing that has always made me hesitant about the idea of joining a site like is that I have always figured it would be difficult to find someone that I could connect with. For to make an offer like that clearly shows that they are confident in their service.

In conclusion, offers a lot of great ways of trying to meet new people. If you are open to the idea of finding someone online or you are considering joining then I highly recommend that you go ahead and try it out. If you aren't open to the idea though, then why are you even reading this? :)

Oh and by the way, if you sign up on through the links on this post, will give you a 7 day free trial.

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