XP Repair Pro Review

Time to review another program.

I just came across this software called XP Repair Pro. It looks impressive based on the feature list. It looks like it's got many system tools for keeping your computer running smoothly. But it's time to find out if XP Repair Pro is any good or not.

I went ahead and downloaded XP Repair Pro and installed it. The process just took a couple minutes. So now it's time to open XP Repair Pro.

Ok, XP Repair Pro opened. On the main menu I see a few tools listed. I see a PC Registry Repair (registry cleaner), Registry Defragmentation, Startup Program Manager, Registry Editor, Hard Drive Cleanup, System Information, and Anonymous Internet.

I decided to see what Anonymous Internet was all about. It looks like it's some type of setup that encrypts all data going in and out. Wow, I've never seen this included in a system utilities program. Pretty impressive.

Anyway, I then decided to try out the Registry Cleaner. It found close to 1,000 errors. Sounds about right.

All of the other tools with this program seem to work quite well. The Registry Defragmentation is a nice touch. Some system utility programs include that, but not all.

Overall, my view of XP Repair Pro is positive. It seems to be a very effective program and has a decent selection of additional tools. Also, XP Repair Pro offers a free 15 day trial. That way you can try XP Repair Pro out before deciding if you wish to buy it or not.

My advice? Try out the trial and see for yourself if you like it.

Good luck!

Once more, here is the link to download XP Repair Pro.

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