The Windows Repair Kit Review

I recently came across a new product. At least I think this product is new. It's a computer program called The Windows Repair Kit.

Their websites claims that the Windows Repair Kit will stop windows errors and improve PC Performance. Since this is something I talk about a lot and even did a guide for, I figured I would go ahead and review this software.

So now, time to download and install The Windows Repair Kit. The download is just under 7MB, so it doesn't take very long to download on a high-speed connection. The installation is also very quick and easy.

Once The Windows Repair Kit finished installing, I went ahead and opened The Windows Repair Kit. On the main menu, there are 8 buttons. The buttons are Schedule, PC Startup, Setting, Internet Optimizer, Restore, Update, Help, and Scan Now. Most of those are pretty self explanatory. So I will go ahead and start the scan.

While I wait for the scan to finish, I was looking more at the company website. I was pleasantly surprised looking at it. The website is simple, but I was looking through the frequently asked questions. One of the questions that was listed was asking if The Windows Repair Kit would remove Viruses. The company was honest and said that The Windows Repair Kit wouldn't because that is not what the program focuses on. I like that the company was honest like that. The company even gave an anti-virus program recommendation too. Nice.

In the end, the scan found 361 problems. Most of them were in the Registry or Invalid Shortcuts. It also listed all of them as medium or high threat levels. They said on their website that The Windows Repair Kit doesn't target Viruses, so I don't think they mean these are threats in that way. I guess they are saying that these are medium or high threats to my computer speed. I'm not sure I completely agree, but it's debatable.

In conclusion, I consider The Windows Repair Kit to be a good program. I don't consider it great, but I consider it good. For a really great Registry Cleaner and System Optimization program, I will stick to recommending Registry Easy.

The Windows Repair Kit

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