Napster Review

Here is a program that most of you have probably heard of. This program is called Napster

Originally, Napster was a free music service back in 1999-2001. However, Napster was closed down due to a court order. Since then, it's name was purchased by a company and a legal version of Napster was created.

So what is the legal version of Napster like? It's actually pretty cool. Basically, you can buy MP3's from the Napster store. So Napster is a lot like iTunes. But... you can also join a subscription plan. What a subscription plan does is give you unlimited listens to the over 7 million songs in Napster's library. But there is a catch. If you cancel your subscription, you no longer have access to the millions of tracks on Napster's music store.

In a way it is basically like renting music. You are paying $12.95 a month ($14.95 to be able to transfer tracks to portable devices) to listen to as many songs as you'd like on the computer. But if you stop paying, you can't listen anymore so you're not actually buying any of the songs. You're simply paying the monthly free to have unlimited listens. Of course, you can still buy songs as an MP3 if you'd like.

So is a subscription to Napster worth it? That really depends on who you ask. If you like the idea of paying a monthly fee and being able to listen to 7 million songs, then yes, Napster worth it. I've joined Napster before and I loved going through all of these different artists and albums and discovering new music. If I want to listen to a 1,000 songs on the computer right now, I could pay the monthly fee and listen to them on Napster. If I wanted to listen to 1,000 songs off iTunes, I'd have to pay $1,000.

In the end, if this sounds interesting to you, check Napster out. Napster is in my opinion one of the top music subscription services.

Once more, here's the link. Napster

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