Error Scanner Review

Came across this software called Error Scanner. It says it will scan your computer for errors and repair them. I figured it was worth a try. So off to try this software out!

Ok, I quickly downloaded and installed Error Scanner. It went pretty quick. So right away, let's get to opening the program.

On the main menu, I see four buttons on the right. "Welcome", "Repair System Errors", "Settings", and "Restore". In the middle of the main menu is a button to start the error scan. On the bottom is a picture of a doctor. lol

Time to start the scan. It looks like it is basically scanning my registry. Oh my god, it's another registry cleaner. Well, should be interesting to see how this goes. It's still scanning.

While it scans, I'm looking at their website. They have a graphic that says "As Seen On TV". I doubt this program was really on TV. But maybe it was. I have no proof that it wasn't. I also see that they offer a full 8 week money back guarantee. Nice.

Anyway, the scan finished after about two minutes. That was one of the shortest registry scans I've ever seen. It found a little under a 1,000 errors in my computer registry. That is a bit less then the average registry cleaner.

In all, I'm not very impressed with this software. It's mainly just a registry cleaner with no extra tools. It's worth trying out I guess. But for now, I don't recommend it. I will stick to recommending RegDefense.

Once more, here is the link if you are interested in Error Scanner.

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