Startup Mechanic Review

Here is another program I am going to talk a little bit about, it is called Startup Mechanic. Basically, Startup Mechanic is a program that shows you which programs run when you turn on the computer. Startup Mechanic divides them into categories. The categories are Necessary, Useful, Useless, Harmful, and Unknown.

I actually am not going to do a review of this program from installation and use it for the first time. The reason being is that I have had this program on my computer for 3 years. That doesn't mean I recommend it though.

It's not that I don't recommend it, I just recommend StartUp Inspector. One problem I have with Startup Mechanic is that Startup Mechanic often gets the startup items wrong. Startup Mechanic tries to describe each program when it puts it into the different categories. Sometimes though it puts programs into the harmful category when they really aren't.

Other then that though, I don't really have a problem with Startup Mechanic. If you are going to use it though, just don't trust it's descriptions for each startup item because they are probably wrong.

So in conclusion, Startup Mechanic is a decent program, but there are better Startup Item managers.

Note: For some reason McAfee SiteAdvisor considers Startup Mechanic to be possibly Adware or Spyware. I don't know how they reached that conclusion because Startup Mechanic is definitely Spyware-free. So don't worry about that.


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