Registry Toolkit Review

And I've come across yet another Registry Cleaner. This Registry Cleaner is called Registry Toolkit. I figured I would go ahead and review it.

When looking at the Registry Toolkit website, it appears that Registry Toolkit has the same type of features as most other Registry Cleaners. Does Registry Toolkit perform better then them? Well... time to find out.

The download is really small. 889KB. That will be even a quick download on a dial-up connection. Installation was just as quick.

Anyway, time to load Registry Toolkit. I loaded Registry Toolkit and I see 5 buttons on the left. The buttons are "Scan Now", "Settings", "Check For Updates", "User Manual", and "Registry". It's not hard to figure out what those mean. In addition to that, there are also buttons on the right side of the screen for doing a backup of your registry, and Advanced System Tools.

I decided to look at the Advanced System Tools. There is a Browser Helper Object manager, Startup List Manager, Uninstall Manager, and the option to create a backup of internet explorer. It's an average set of tools.

So now I decided to go ahead and run a scan of the computer registry. While it scans, I decided to look more at the website for Registry Toolkit. Among the things I found, a graphic that says Registry Toolkit got 5 stars from CNN. Also a quote that refers to Registry Toolkit as "The most popular product in history". Are you kidding me?!

Well, the scan is done, it found around 1,000 errors in my Computer Registry. A little bit less then other Registry Cleaners have found.

In all, I'm not very impressed with Registry Toolkit. I recommend you skip on buying Registry Toolkit. If you are looking for a Registry Cleaner, I will stick to recommending RegDefense.

Once more, here are the links.

Registry Toolkit

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