MagicCamera/Shining Camera Review

Time to look at some software I just came across. This software is called Shining Camera, or MagicCamera. It goes by each name on it's website lol. I think it has two names.

Anyway, MagicCamera/Shining Camera is very much like ManyCam. Basically, MagicCamera/Shining Camera allows you to get on WebCam and add various effects. MagicCamera/Shining Camera includes many effects that aren't available on ManyCam actually. Here are some of the features that stick out to me.

- Play fake videos like a real webcam to protect your privacy in chat rooms.

- Capture screen and stream it through this virtual webcam to co-work with your friends.

- Lots of transform video effects.

- Users can create and customize their own webcam effects. More and more webcam effects package will be available from our website.

MagicCamera/Shining Camera has got a very impressive feature list. That is just a small sample of some of the features. So is it better then ManyCam? Hmm... that's an interesting question. Maybe at some point in the future I will do a post comparing the two. We will see :)

Overall, this seems like a really fun program. I definitely recommend checking it out.


Update: The links now appear to be dead. If I ever come across a similar program, I will post a review of it.

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