Monday, December 29, 2008

ManyCam Review

Another quick review of another great program I like. This program is called ManyCam. Basically, you can use ManyCam with many of the various Instant Messengers that let you webcam with other people. When you are on webcam, you turn ManyCam on and you can do all kinds of cool things with your webcam for the other person to see. For instance there are various effects like hats that will appear on top of your head on the webcam window. The hats will even follow your head around! There is also glasses, masks, etc. It's not just that though, there are so many cool effects you can do with this program. If you aren't satisfied with the ones there are, you can even download more off the ManyCam website!

I'm going to finish talking about this program, just go download it if you have a webcam. I highly recommend it. :) However, you may also want to consider checking out MagicCamera. It's got very similar features. So yes, my advice? Check them both out.


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Registry HelpMate Review

I have come across yet another Registry Cleaner. I swear I should just turn this into a Registry Cleaner Review blog. lol no I won't do that.

Anyway, this program is called Registry HelpMate. There are no tests results or comments whatsoever about the program on McAfee SiteAdvisor. So I am going to have to try Registry HelpMate with a completely open mind.

First, let's take a quick look at the Registry Helpmate website for any warning signs.

Registry Helpmate's website claims Registry Helpmate is in it's 6th version and that it has over 38,000 downloads. 38,000 downloads isn't a whole lot compared to some of the claims by other Registry Cleaners. However, maybe this means they are actually being honest. That would be nice.

Registry HelpMate's website features customer testimonials. Are they real? I don't know, there's no reason to think they are real. There isn't any reason to think they aren't real either though. I'll take the company at it's word that the testimonials are real.

Registry HelpMate's website however seems to have gone to great lengths to hide their company address. This is a warning sign. I can't find it anywhere on their website. If you do a WhoIs search on the site address, you will see that they used a registration company that hides their address.

Also, on the Registry HelpMate website is a graphic that says "No Spyware, No Adware, No viruses" and says it's certified by However, when I went to SoftPedia and searched their website for Registry HelpMate, I could not find it listed. Hmm...

Regardless, I'm still going to try Registry HelpMate. The feature list on their website is pretty impressive. In addition to a Registry Cleaner, Registry HelpMate has a Junk Files Cleaner, a Duplicate File Cleaner, an Evidence Cleaner, a system optimizer, add/remove programs, etc. It's a pretty impressive list. I'm not sure how a Junk Files Cleaner is any different from an Evidence Cleaner though. I guess we'll find out!

Off to download and install Registry HelpMate. The download was quick. The license agreement is questionable at some points but I'm ok with it. Yes I actually look through them. The installation was quickly. Now to load the program.

Registry HelpMate loads and it loads on the Registry Cleaner menu. Let's first have a look around though.

At the top is Scan, Optimization, Backups, Utilities, Help, and Register.

Register takes you to Register obviously.

Help brings up Help.

Clicking Utilities brings up buttons for a Startup Manager, an Uninstall Manager, a Browser Helper Object Manager, and an IE restore option.

Backups brings up a Registry Backup Option, and an option for Windows Restore points.

Optimization brings up a System Optimzer, Block ActiverX, Error Utilities, Register Active X, and Optimize Memory. The System Optimizer has various settings. For instance you can customizer your computer to be like a Campus Computer, or an Internet Cafe Computer, or an Office computer, etc. It's pretty cool! ActiveXer blocks Active X Controls. Error utilities appears to show past windows errors and tries to fix them. Register ActiveX can Re-register Active X and DLL objects. Optimizer Memory can Optimize your RAM and free up RAM. Pretty impressive.

I clicked back to Scan and I got an error message. Hmm... Well I clicked it again and this time it loaded. There is a Registry Cleaner, Evidence Cleaner, Junk File Cleaner, and Duplicate Cleaner. Registry Cleaner cleans your registry. Evidence Cleaner cleans your browser activity and other tracks on your computer. Junk File Cleaner cleans Backup Files, Files with zero size, Temporary Files, and Various log files.

I'm very very impressed with this software's feature list. But this doesn't mean anything if the features don't deliver. So it's time to run the Registry Cleaner.

The Registry Cleaner is finished, and it has found over 3,000 problems. What?? The most any registry cleaner has ever found was 1,500 and I did NOT recommend that software for many reasons. 3,000 problems just doesn't sound right.

I'm hesitant to have Registry HelpMate make 3,000 changes to my Registry. So I decide to just have it repair one. However, Registry HelpMate is limited to fixing 10 Registry Entries. If you want it to fix all, you have to buy the software.

So how do I feel about this software? I'm not sure. As far as the good things, it has a very impressive feature list. As far as the bad, the company seems to do some questionable business practices. I'm also a bit hesitant about this software just because of how many Registry Entries it wanted to fix. Were there any false positives? I would think so, but I can't prove it.

My advice? Give Registry HelpMate a try and see how you feel. For now though I will stick to recommending RegDefense as the Registry Cleaner to use.

Link to Registry HelpMate.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Registry Cleaner XP Review

I am going to do a quick review of Registry Cleaner XP. Well this isn't so much of a review of the program, but of how the program is being marketed. This alone will let you know if you should buy this software or not.

Registry Cleaner XP is as you guessed, another Registry Cleaner. However, before you consider buying it, here is something you should know. Both Microsoft and the Washington State Attorney General filed lawsuits against the company that created Registry Cleaner XP. This happened back in October.

The reason this lawsuit has been filed is because Registry Cleaner XP displays fake error notices telling people that their Registry is corrupt and that they need to use the Registry Cleaner XP software to fix it.

In my opinion, it doesn't even matter how Registry Cleaner XP itself performs. If a company is doing something like this to sell their software, you should probably stay away.

I have not heard of anyone receiving legitimate pop-up messages telling them that their registry is corrupt. After all, what program would alert you to this? So if you get any pop-up's like that, remember that it is most likely an attempt to get you to buy a company's registry cleaner.

So anyway, in finishing this post, stay away from Registry Cleaner XP, and any other software trying to scare you into buying their software.

PopWash Review

I came across the website for PopWash just now and thought I would do a quick post on it. PopWash is a program that says it will reduce the amount of Pop-Up Ads you get.

After looking at the software features and their website, I am going to keep it simple and tell you that I don't recommend PopWash. There are two reasons why I don't.

1. The McAfee SiteAdvisor plugin considers it a red site. SiteAdvisor says that the website for PopWash links to a website which distributes Spyware/Adware. There was no test result from SiteAdvisor however listed for the PopWash download itself. So I am unsure if PopWash has Spyware or not.

2. Regardless, here is why I don't recommend this software, you shouldn't need to buy a Pop-Up blocker! Seriously, you should not be getting that many Pop-Up ads if you use a decent Pop-Up blocker. Firefox and Internet Explorer both come with Pop-Up blockers that should do the job. If you are getting way more Pop-Ups then you should be getting, then you may want to scan your computer for Spyware.

So in closing, the reason I don't recommend PopWash isn't so much because of the software itself, but simply because you can fight Pop-Up's with completely free tools. Do a Spyware scan, turn on your Pop-Up blocker with your browser, and everything should be fine!

Here is the link once more if you are still interested in PopWash.

Friday, December 26, 2008

JetAudio Review

I don't know why I even call these reviews. After all, these aren't really full reviews. I'm just telling you about software that I like lol. But here is another program that I like. It is called JetAudio.

Basically JetAudio is a media center. You can use JetAudio to listen to music, watch videos, etc. For awhile I was using Yahoo Jukebox, but it froze often and took up a lot of system resources. I don't like iTunes for the same reason. I'm also not a fan of Windows Media Player or RealPlayer. I do like WinAmp though, but I wanted something that I could use to manage my music better, so this is why JetAudio is my main audio player.

But yeah, like I said, this isn't really a full review simply because I don't know enough about music players, but from what I do know, I highly recommend JetAudio. Plus, there's a free version!


Thursday, December 25, 2008

BootSkin XP Review

Quickly I want to mention another program I like. This one is called BootSkin XP. This program lets you change the image that is shown when you turn on your computer and Windows loads. It's pretty cool. I've had this program for a couple years. The image I have is of the Earth At Night. So every time I turn on the computer, up comes that picture while Windows loads :-D. Now that's a great way to start the day. :-D

BootSkin XP
Skins for BootSkin XP

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

McAfee SiteAdvisor Update

I installed the latest update for McAfee SiteAdvisor today. It increased the size of my toolbar and made it so it opens an entire new browser window just to see the report on a page instead of opening it in a new tab. So far I can't figure out any way to change that. Hmm...

Moso Anti-Malware 2008 Review

Yet another review about yet another Computer Security product. Hey at least it's not another Registry Cleaner lol. This program is called Moso Anti-Malware 2008. Basically, it claims to remove Trojans, Worms, Keyloggers, Dialers, Spyware, Tracking Cookies, etc. It seems kind of like a combination of a Spyware/Antivirus product.

Anyway, I went ahead and downloaded and installed the program. It says I have to restart the computer to install the program. I don't feel like doing so though. Yeah I sure am taking this review seriously. lol. Anyway... off to run the program.

Right away, it asks me to update the program. Good, I like that. People definitely need to be reminded to update their Computer security software.

Anyway, it's still updating. It's taking a bit of time to update. It's downloading the virus definitions in .RAR formats. Strange... not sure I've seen a program do that before.

Still updating... Damn this must be updating a lot.

And Moso Anti-Malware 2008 is finally finished updating. The main program loads and at the bottom a message pops up telling me they recommend I preform a full system scan because it's my first time running the program. I click the X on the message to close out of it but the program appears to have frozen.

Yay, I got Moso Anti-Malware 2008 to unfreeze. I went into task manager and closed out of it's real time monitor. Then it automatically started the full scan. So much for clicking the X on the box.

Anyway, while Moso Anti-Malware 2008 scans, I will tell you a little bit about what it on the program. At the top are 4 buttons. There is Register, Tool, Setting, Help. On the left there is Status, Scan, Expert, Backup, Setting (I'm not sure if they are different from the above settings), and other.

Still scanning... It says so far it's found 3 cookies, 2 threats in a directory, and 3 registry keys.

Ok, the scan is done. Onto the results page. The cookies are listed as a medium threat. The rest are listed as high. One of them is listed as a Backdoor Trojan that steals my passwords. It gives me the name of the file. It's called livesnth.dll. I look it up online and it appears to be from LiveUpdate which is used to update certain programs. That's not dangerous at all.

I clicked for the cookies to be removed and it went ahead and removed them... I think. I was kinda surprised, I figured they would tell me I had to buy the software before they'd remove anything. I didn't click for anything else to be removed because I don't believe they are harmful. The files they listed as infected may actually be needed for the system.

Anyway, I don't recommend Moso Anti-Malware 2008 . Most of what this does you can do with free software. And even if you couldn't, this program appears to identify files as threats when they aren't.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Windows Task Manager Programs

Here is another tip I have in trying to keep your computer safe. Try and get familiar with all of the programs and processes listed in your Windows Task Manager. That may sound difficult, but it really isn't too difficult. When you look at the processes listed, some of them you may already have an idea of what they are. For instance, anything that starts with AOL is probably AOL related. Firefox.exe is obviously going to be Firefox, etc. For processes that you are unsure of though, just do a google search of the name. Once you do a search you should definitely find many websites explaining what that process is. Like I said, the goal of this is to try and understand what each process is that is running on your computer. This way if you get infected by Spyware or a Virus, you may notice it in the list of running processes even before you see any symptoms of it. To access the Windows Task Manager, you press Ctrl+Alt+Del.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Trillian Review

Here is another program that I really like. It isn't related to Computer Security, but it is still a really great program. You've probably heard of it, it's called Trillian.

Basically, with Trillian you can connect to multiple messengers and therefore you don't have to load all the regular messengers. You can connect to AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, and IRC. There are many reasons you may want to use Trillian instead. To start, the regular messengers take up way too much memory. Trillian takes up less memory then MSN, AIM or Yahoo. Imagine if you ran all of those at once just how much memory would be used. In addition, you can also sign onto multiple Yahoo/MSN/AIM/ICQ accounts with Trillian. You can't really sign onto two accounts at once with the regular messengers.

I still recommend keeping the regular messengers on your computer though. You can't use the Webcam feature with the free Trillian version. Trillian also doesn't have some of the games and other extras that come with the regular messengers. So it's good to keep the regular messengers around in case you need them. But I've been using Trillian for years though and highly recommend it.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

FL Studio Review

I decided for this post I would do a FL Studio 7 Review. But first, there are a few things you should know about my review.

- I am not an expert at all in Music Production.
- This is not really a review lol.
- There is even a newer version now available.

But, I do like to give information on Software that I enjoy. FL Studio 7/Fruity Loops 7 (whatever you want to call it) is one of those programs that I do enjoy. You are able to create your own music with it. You can create Hip-Hop/Techno/Pop/Rock, etc. I have had the Demo for many months and have made all kinds of cool songs with this program. The Demo even lets you save the songs as MP3's. I've even made my own CD of songs I've created to listen to in the car and played them for friends. My friends think I should sell the songs ;). But I don't think they're THAT good. But yeah, it's definitely a cool program, just takes a lot of time to learn.

If you have the patience to figure out how to use the Software and you really want to try and create your own music, then definitely check out FL Studio. Have fun!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Top 5 Spyware Removal Tools

A quick list I thought I'd do of the top 5 Anti-Spyware programs. They are in no specific order. These include Spyware removal programs as well as programs that prevent Spyware from installing. Most of these I've already mentioned before. I figure it would be good to put them in one post as a list. You don't even need to download all 5. Just make sure to at least pick a Spyware removal tool. Anyway, here is the list.

1. Ad-Aware
2. SpyBot Search & Destroy
3. SpywareBlaster
4. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
5. SpywareGuard.

All of these have free versions and all of these are tools I recommend in fighting Spyware. Good luck!

SysFixMaster Review

Do I have anything better to do then to review iffy products and tell you not to buy them? It doesn't seem like it lol.

So now I'm doing another post, this one is about a program called SysFixMaster. It is made by Miracle Software. It's another System Utility program that will clean your system, fix your registry, etc etc etc. I'm not sure why I gave the hint that I'm going to say you shouldn't buy this software. Afterall, I haven't even tried it out yet. There are enough warning signs though for me to worry. To start, the user reviews it has and the McAfee SiteAdvisor comments are enough to scare anyone away from this software. On the downside, some people say this messed up their computer system. I'm scared to even try this lol. But on the bright side, some people also say it tries to scare you into buying their software. So I don't know, this could be kind of funny. :)

Well... off to try this software! I download and run the installer. lol some of the things discussed in this license agreement is amusing. It appears they are trying to make excuses for anything they may do to try to scare me. Oh well, time to finish the installer.

Ok, it's finished and I run the software. It has a nice look to it. That doesn't really matter with a program like this though, lol. Anyway, on the left are 4 buttons. There is System Cleaners, System Optimizers, System Tools, and Settings. Settings is pretty self-explanatory. System Tools has a Startup Manager and an Uninstaller. System Optimizers has a Memory Manager, an Active X Immunity, and an IE Fixer. System Cleaner then has a History Cleaner, Junk File Cleaner, and a Registry Cleaner. It's actually got a nice amount of tools, I'm impressed.

Time to run the Registry scan! It brings up a separate window to do the scan. Again, it's all organized very nicely.

The scan finally finishes. It takes a bit of time, but it scanned a lot. It scanned close to 1 million registry keys. Does my registry even have that many? It also found close to 1,500 errors. I've never had one of these registry cleaners find that many. Who knows what all this may be calling an error. Maybe that's why people are having problems with their computer after using this software? I don't know, lol... I'm making a lot of assumptions in this review.

Anyway, I go to clean these errors up knowing that it won't (which is probably for the better) because it tells me I need to buy the software. It tells me that it found 1481 problems and says "Emergency Degrees: high". Ok then, lol.

But it's time to finish this post. I'll keep it simple, stay away from SysFixMaster.

Friday, December 19, 2008

BigBrother Software, Not all Spyware is installed without the users consent.

Usually when you think of Spyware or Viruses, you think of it getting onto your system without you knowing. However, this isn't always the case. One thing you also need to look out for is software that is legally sold that can be installed by someone to spy on you. Take IamBigBrother Spy Software for instance. This software is sold specifically for that purpose. It has a keyboard monitor, MSN messenger monitor, Yahoo monitor, e-mail monitor, etc etc etc. It basically logs everything that is done on the computer. Their website is aimed towards parents who want to use this software to make sure their children aren't doing anything harmful online. Is it okay for parents to use software like this without telling their children? That's a whole debate in itself which I won't get into. But just remember, nothing is stopping someone from using this software to spy on a spouse or a friend. The good news though is that most Spyware removers (such as Spybot Search & Destroy) will find these programs. Yet another reason to keep Anti-Spyware programs on your computer.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holiday Shopping

Here is a list I found of tips to stay safe when you shop online for Christmas presents.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

RegiCleanse Review

I have decided to discuss a new program that seems to have just been released. This program is called RegiCleanse. This program scans your computer registry and looks for errors in your registry.

Now, there are many things that make me suspicious of this software even though I haven't tried it yet. To start, the company does not list a mailing address that you can contact them at. They also refer to their software as "Award Winning" and claim that over 3.8 million people have downloaded their software. How can all of this be if the program was just released?

The reason I think this program may have just been released is that I cannot find any reviews at all of this program online. A search for this programs name on Google turns up just 38 results. However, the program itself says it's the third version. But unless it went under a previous name, this program must be brand new. A new program making what are most likely to be false claims on it's homepage? Not a good sign.

But regardless, I am still going to test this software out. So I get my spyware protection loaded, and off I go to start the download.

The download is quick, it's just 3.4MB. The installation is just as quick.

I load the program, and at the top are 5 buttons. There is "Schedule", "Restore", "Live Update", "Advanced Options", and "Support". On the left there are 2 additional buttons. There is "Scan Now" and "Speed Up Your PC".

The "Support" button takes you to a FAQ Page with information about e-mailing the company for support. The "Advanced Options" button takes you to a list of Advanced options. "Live Update" updates the program. "Restore" lets you restore your registry to a previous backup. "Schedule" lets you schedule the program to do automatic scans of the registry. "Speed Up Your PC" on the left is basically a startup manager. You can choose what runs at startup. And finally "Scan Now" is to do the actual scan with the program. So it's time to do a scan!

I ran a scan, and it found a few dozen problems in my registry. Under threat level, they were all listed as medium and high. That makes absolutely no sense. Invalid Windows Shortcuts are a high threat? Unfortunately, it won't let me fix them because I have to buy the software for it to fix these errors. So that is about as much as I can tell you about this software.

Now, I don't necessarily have a problem with RegiCleanse giving you a free scan but making you buy the program to fix the errors. Many programs do that. But I still am a bit hesitant about this program just because of some of those warning signs I mentioned earlier.

Anyway, I went ahead and closed the program and ran a scan with Ad-Aware just to make sure that there was no Spyware installed with this program. The Ad-Aware scan came up clean.

In closing, I am hesitant about this program. It seems harmless to try out though, so if you'd like, try it out for yourself. But as far as registry cleaners go, I will stick to recommending RegDefense.

Hope this helps!

Link to RegiCleanse.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Just a reminder, I don't recommend using any other Spyware removers besides the ones that I have mentioned in past posts. I say this because I am noticing a large amount of people getting error messages telling them they have been infected with Spyware. Here are some examples of the messages people are getting.

"warning spyware detected on your computer"
"warning spyware detected"
"warning: possible spyware or adware infection"
"windows has detected spyware infection"

If you are getting these messages, it means you are infected by Spyware. Do NOT use the Spyware Remover that these messages are telling you to use. These messages are the Spyware itself! Use a legitimate Spyware Remover like Ad-Aware. For more information about removing Spyware, read my post where I discuss in detail how to do this. To find this post, click the link on the top right corner. Good luck!

Saturday, December 13, 2008 Review

In continuing my reviews of various Work From Home sites, I have decided to do a Review.

So what is SurveySavvy? As you probably guessed, it is another company where you can take surveys and get paid for doing so. SurveySavvy is very similar to Opinion Outpost. After joining, you can fill out a few portraits to let them know more about you. This way they know what type of surveys to send to you. After you do this, you should start receiving surveys.

Since joining this site, I haven't gotten nearly as many surveys as I have from some other survey companies. However, I still recommend this site. I have gotten surveys that pay up to $15 from this site. So even though they may not send out a lot, it is still worth signing up for when you do get surveys.

If you want to make a little extra money, in addition to the other companies I have reviewed, I highly recommend joining SurveySavvy. They are one of the few Survey companies that are legitimate and they really do pay. Good luck!

Link to join.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Okay, here is another interesting program I came across. This one is called BBMonitor. I haven't really talked about a product like this, so I figured I would do so.

Basically what BBMonitor does is monitor your internet connection. It will let you do bandwidth speed tests, monitor your Upload and Download speeds, there are graphs to see how it's changed over time, etc.

This program can be pretty useful, however the bad news is, it costs $29.95 to buy. Do I think it's worth the price? I don't really know. I think it depends on just what you need to use the program for. There are many free bandwidth monitors out there. You can go to and do a free test if you need to see what your current speeds are. However, if you are looking for a full Bandwidth Monitor with many features, then you may be interested in buying this program. My advice? Check out their product page and see if it's for you. The link is here.

Good luck!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Opinion Outpost Review

As of late, one thing I have been doing is researching work from home opportunities. So let's look at survey companies.

I'm sure you've seen those ads telling you that you can make money from answering surveys. The question is, are they just scams?

The answer is, most are. However, not all of them are. You really can make money online just by answering surveys. However, despite what the ad's say, you will not make $50 an hour just by answering surveys. However, some people have reported that they have been able to make over $500 a month from taking surveys.

In the future, I will make more posts about this topic and discuss various survey companies that you can make money from. However, I will start off and mention one company that you can make money from by taking surveys. It is called Opinion Outpost.

This is a site I personally have tried out for myself. I am happy to say that it is indeed legitimate. If you decide to join, you will need to give them your information. Then you can take a few surveys to tell them more about you. That way they can direct surveys to you that you are more likely to qualify for. After you do this, then you're set! Whenever there are new surveys available for you to take, they will e-mail you and let you know.

The amount Opinion Outpost pays for each survey varies. For instance, there is one survey currently available for me to take. If I complete it, I will get paid 30 points which equals 3 dollars. It doesn't sound like much, but if you get a few surveys a day, it can add up and become a decent amount of extra money that you can earn each month. Besides, I have received some surveys that pay over $5 a survey.

Like I said, in the future I will post more about other survey companies and work from home sites. But for now, if you are looking to make a little bit of extra money online, then I recommend trying out Opinion Outpost. Good luck!

Link to join.

This Blog

When I created this blog, my main focus for it was to be about computer security. There are many people out there having difficulty getting rid of Spyware or Viruses. I figured this blog would be a great way to help people by sharing tips and recommending computer programs. However, there is not a lot else for me to say about computer security. After reading my article about how to stay protected, you shouldn't have too many problems with keeping your computer secure.

Because of this, I am going to start making posts about other things having to do with computers. If you've read my recent posts, you can see I have started reviewing computer programs that aren't related to computer security. So I will continue to do this as well as post about other things such as interesting websites I come across. Don't worry though, I will still discuss Computer Security from time to time.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Adware Deluxe

Here is another Anti-Spyware program that is on the market. This one is called Adware Deluxe. When you go to their website, you aren't given a whole lot of details on the features of this program. They basically just encourage you to download the program and try it for yourself. However, this is another reason why I recommend McAfee SiteAdvisor. Take a look at the SiteAdvisor page for this website, when you do you will see that you should stay away from this software.


Adware Deluxe
McAfee SiteAdvisor
McAfee SiteAdvisor report for Adware Deluxe

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Interesting article about a computer program being sold that monitors keystrokes. Sadly there are many programs that are like this. What made this different though was the way it was being advertised.

Monday, December 8, 2008

PDF Creator

Usually I recommend programs that appeal to home users, but here is a program that business users may be interested in. Although I guess it's possible some home users may be interested in this program as well.

This program is called PDF Creator. Basically, it lets you create your own PDF Files which are used by many people. This is a great way to perhaps create your own e-book, write an instruction manual, or whatever use you may have to create a PDF file.

In addition to creating your own PDF files, this program also lets you password protect them, and combine multiple files into one PDF file.

I have absolutely no use for this program, but it seems to be a great program for doing what it's supposed to do. Their website also claims that the program is even used by such groups as the University of Phoenix and the FAA. Maybe that's true. I guess we just have to take their word on it. ;-)

Here is the link to the program.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Video Piggy

Here is another useful program. This goes under the extra software category because it isn't really a computer security program. However, it does something that many people are looking to do these days.

This program is called Video Piggy. Basically, this program lets you download videos off YouTube. YouTube has yet to add a download option to videos on their site, so this program is VERY useful. There are free ways to download videos off YouTube, but you end up having them saved as .FLV files. Theres not a lot you can do with that file format. With this program, you can download YouTube videos AND convert them to various file formats. This means you can convert videos you download on YouTube so they play in Windows Media Player or other Video Players you may use. This program can also extract the soundtrack of the video to an MP3 player. And also what I think is the coolest feature, this program lets you convert videos so that you can play them on your iPod, Zune, Sony PSP, etc.

In wrapping this up, I must say, this is a very useful program if you love to browse YouTube (like me!). I highly recommend this software.

Here is the link.

Update: The link appears to be down. If you are looking for a YouTube downloader, check out my review of TubeTilla Pro. It is a very similar program.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Error Nuker

Time to recommend another program. This one is called Error Nuker. This is similar to RegDefense which I have also reviewed in the past.

What Error Nuker does is attempt to get rid of your computer of Errors. This is done by scanning your computer registry and fixing any problems it may find. You can do Automatic Scans, You can do your own Custom Scans, there is the backup option so you can backup your registry before you make any changes as well as a scheduler so you can schedule it to scan your computer registry everytime the computer starts.

Like I said, this is similar to RegDefense. So which one do I think is better? I'm not sure really. I think both are good. I recommend that people try both and see which one they think performs better on their machine. Both offer free scans, so you can try each of them and see which one you think may have found more errors in your system and then go from there.

Good luck! Here is the link.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Google Earth

Has anyone checked out Google Earth lately? My goodness, Google Earth is absolutely amazing. That is something that most people have known for awhile. However, every time I use Google Earth, they seem to have added even more features. There are all types of high quality photos you can view from various areas, built in links to Wikipedia Pages for cities, live Webcams of locations, etc.

Also, not everyone knows this, but there is a hidden flight simulator built into this program. I have been having a lot of fun with that the last few days. Here is how you can start the Flight Simulator.

If you haven't tried Google Earth yet, please do! It's amazing and it's free.

Link to Google Earth.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Perfect Uninstaller Review

Here is a program that is a great way of uninstalling programs. You will notice that I have had it linked under extra software, so I figure I will tell a bit about it. It is called Perfect Uninstaller.

Basically, it uninstalls programs on your computer. Now you might be wondering why you need that since most programs come with an uninstaller. Besides, you can just use Add/Remove Programs in the control panel. However Perfect Uninstaller is good because it is great at removing programs that are difficult to remove. Sometimes it can be difficult to uninstall programs. Sometimes Add/Remove Programs just doesn't remove the entire program. Perfect Uninstaller is the perfect solution to this.

Some of the features for this program include quicker program removals, remove hidden applications on your computer, remove leftover registry entries that a program might leave, remove programs that couldn't be removed by Add/Remove programs, details of the currently installed programs, and more.

This is another program that you don't really need to keep your computer safe. But it's a good step to keeping your computer performing as it's best. They also have a free demo, so you can try it before you buy it.

As always, if you missed the link, you can download it here.

Edit (August 2009): ACA Utilities is offering Perfect Uninstaller as part of a bundle with 14 other software programs for the price of one. It's a great deal and I highly recommend spending the extra bit of money to get the other software as well.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Yet Another Reason To Keep Your Computer Secure

Well, most people reading this blog won't ever be in this situation, but it's still a reminder of what can happen if you don't keep your computer secure.