FL Studio Review

I decided for this post I would do a FL Studio 7 Review. But first, there are a few things you should know about my review.

- I am not an expert at all in Music Production.
- This is not really a review lol.
- There is even a newer version now available.

But, I do like to give information on Software that I enjoy. FL Studio 7/Fruity Loops 7 (whatever you want to call it) is one of those programs that I do enjoy. You are able to create your own music with it. You can create Hip-Hop/Techno/Pop/Rock, etc. I have had the Demo for many months and have made all kinds of cool songs with this program. The Demo even lets you save the songs as MP3's. I've even made my own CD of songs I've created to listen to in the car and played them for friends. My friends think I should sell the songs ;). But I don't think they're THAT good. But yeah, it's definitely a cool program, just takes a lot of time to learn.

If you have the patience to figure out how to use the Software and you really want to try and create your own music, then definitely check out FL Studio. Have fun!

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