Perfect Uninstaller Review

Here is a program that is a great way of uninstalling programs. You will notice that I have had it linked under extra software, so I figure I will tell a bit about it. It is called Perfect Uninstaller.

Basically, it uninstalls programs on your computer. Now you might be wondering why you need that since most programs come with an uninstaller. Besides, you can just use Add/Remove Programs in the control panel. However Perfect Uninstaller is good because it is great at removing programs that are difficult to remove. Sometimes it can be difficult to uninstall programs. Sometimes Add/Remove Programs just doesn't remove the entire program. Perfect Uninstaller is the perfect solution to this.

Some of the features for this program include quicker program removals, remove hidden applications on your computer, remove leftover registry entries that a program might leave, remove programs that couldn't be removed by Add/Remove programs, details of the currently installed programs, and more.

This is another program that you don't really need to keep your computer safe. But it's a good step to keeping your computer performing as it's best. They also have a free demo, so you can try it before you buy it.

As always, if you missed the link, you can download it here.

Edit (August 2009): ACA Utilities is offering Perfect Uninstaller as part of a bundle with 14 other software programs for the price of one. It's a great deal and I highly recommend spending the extra bit of money to get the other software as well.

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