Error Nuker

Time to recommend another program. This one is called Error Nuker. This is similar to RegDefense which I have also reviewed in the past.

What Error Nuker does is attempt to get rid of your computer of Errors. This is done by scanning your computer registry and fixing any problems it may find. You can do Automatic Scans, You can do your own Custom Scans, there is the backup option so you can backup your registry before you make any changes as well as a scheduler so you can schedule it to scan your computer registry everytime the computer starts.

Like I said, this is similar to RegDefense. So which one do I think is better? I'm not sure really. I think both are good. I recommend that people try both and see which one they think performs better on their machine. Both offer free scans, so you can try each of them and see which one you think may have found more errors in your system and then go from there.

Good luck! Here is the link.

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