Moso Anti-Malware 2008 Review

Yet another review about yet another Computer Security product. Hey at least it's not another Registry Cleaner lol. This program is called Moso Anti-Malware 2008. Basically, it claims to remove Trojans, Worms, Keyloggers, Dialers, Spyware, Tracking Cookies, etc. It seems kind of like a combination of a Spyware/Antivirus product.

Anyway, I went ahead and downloaded and installed the program. It says I have to restart the computer to install the program. I don't feel like doing so though. Yeah I sure am taking this review seriously. lol. Anyway... off to run the program.

Right away, it asks me to update the program. Good, I like that. People definitely need to be reminded to update their Computer security software.

Anyway, it's still updating. It's taking a bit of time to update. It's downloading the virus definitions in .RAR formats. Strange... not sure I've seen a program do that before.

Still updating... Damn this must be updating a lot.

And Moso Anti-Malware 2008 is finally finished updating. The main program loads and at the bottom a message pops up telling me they recommend I preform a full system scan because it's my first time running the program. I click the X on the message to close out of it but the program appears to have frozen.

Yay, I got Moso Anti-Malware 2008 to unfreeze. I went into task manager and closed out of it's real time monitor. Then it automatically started the full scan. So much for clicking the X on the box.

Anyway, while Moso Anti-Malware 2008 scans, I will tell you a little bit about what it on the program. At the top are 4 buttons. There is Register, Tool, Setting, Help. On the left there is Status, Scan, Expert, Backup, Setting (I'm not sure if they are different from the above settings), and other.

Still scanning... It says so far it's found 3 cookies, 2 threats in a directory, and 3 registry keys.

Ok, the scan is done. Onto the results page. The cookies are listed as a medium threat. The rest are listed as high. One of them is listed as a Backdoor Trojan that steals my passwords. It gives me the name of the file. It's called livesnth.dll. I look it up online and it appears to be from LiveUpdate which is used to update certain programs. That's not dangerous at all.

I clicked for the cookies to be removed and it went ahead and removed them... I think. I was kinda surprised, I figured they would tell me I had to buy the software before they'd remove anything. I didn't click for anything else to be removed because I don't believe they are harmful. The files they listed as infected may actually be needed for the system.

Anyway, I don't recommend Moso Anti-Malware 2008 . Most of what this does you can do with free software. And even if you couldn't, this program appears to identify files as threats when they aren't.

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