PDF Creator

Usually I recommend programs that appeal to home users, but here is a program that business users may be interested in. Although I guess it's possible some home users may be interested in this program as well.

This program is called PDF Creator. Basically, it lets you create your own PDF Files which are used by many people. This is a great way to perhaps create your own e-book, write an instruction manual, or whatever use you may have to create a PDF file.

In addition to creating your own PDF files, this program also lets you password protect them, and combine multiple files into one PDF file.

I have absolutely no use for this program, but it seems to be a great program for doing what it's supposed to do. Their website also claims that the program is even used by such groups as the University of Phoenix and the FAA. Maybe that's true. I guess we just have to take their word on it. ;-)

Here is the link to the program.

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