ManyCam Review

Another quick review of another great program I like. This program is called ManyCam. Basically, you can use ManyCam with many of the various Instant Messengers that let you webcam with other people. When you are on webcam, you turn ManyCam on and you can do all kinds of cool things with your webcam for the other person to see. For instance there are various effects like hats that will appear on top of your head on the webcam window. The hats will even follow your head around! There is also glasses, masks, etc. It's not just that though, there are so many cool effects you can do with this program. If you aren't satisfied with the ones there are, you can even download more off the ManyCam website!

I'm going to finish talking about this program, just go download it if you have a webcam. I highly recommend it. :) However, you may also want to consider checking out MagicCamera. It's got very similar features. So yes, my advice? Check them both out.


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