RegiCleanse Review

I have decided to discuss a new program that seems to have just been released. This program is called RegiCleanse. This program scans your computer registry and looks for errors in your registry.

Now, there are many things that make me suspicious of this software even though I haven't tried it yet. To start, the company does not list a mailing address that you can contact them at. They also refer to their software as "Award Winning" and claim that over 3.8 million people have downloaded their software. How can all of this be if the program was just released?

The reason I think this program may have just been released is that I cannot find any reviews at all of this program online. A search for this programs name on Google turns up just 38 results. However, the program itself says it's the third version. But unless it went under a previous name, this program must be brand new. A new program making what are most likely to be false claims on it's homepage? Not a good sign.

But regardless, I am still going to test this software out. So I get my spyware protection loaded, and off I go to start the download.

The download is quick, it's just 3.4MB. The installation is just as quick.

I load the program, and at the top are 5 buttons. There is "Schedule", "Restore", "Live Update", "Advanced Options", and "Support". On the left there are 2 additional buttons. There is "Scan Now" and "Speed Up Your PC".

The "Support" button takes you to a FAQ Page with information about e-mailing the company for support. The "Advanced Options" button takes you to a list of Advanced options. "Live Update" updates the program. "Restore" lets you restore your registry to a previous backup. "Schedule" lets you schedule the program to do automatic scans of the registry. "Speed Up Your PC" on the left is basically a startup manager. You can choose what runs at startup. And finally "Scan Now" is to do the actual scan with the program. So it's time to do a scan!

I ran a scan, and it found a few dozen problems in my registry. Under threat level, they were all listed as medium and high. That makes absolutely no sense. Invalid Windows Shortcuts are a high threat? Unfortunately, it won't let me fix them because I have to buy the software for it to fix these errors. So that is about as much as I can tell you about this software.

Now, I don't necessarily have a problem with RegiCleanse giving you a free scan but making you buy the program to fix the errors. Many programs do that. But I still am a bit hesitant about this program just because of some of those warning signs I mentioned earlier.

Anyway, I went ahead and closed the program and ran a scan with Ad-Aware just to make sure that there was no Spyware installed with this program. The Ad-Aware scan came up clean.

In closing, I am hesitant about this program. It seems harmless to try out though, so if you'd like, try it out for yourself. But as far as registry cleaners go, I will stick to recommending RegDefense.

Hope this helps!

Link to RegiCleanse.

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