Just a reminder, I don't recommend using any other Spyware removers besides the ones that I have mentioned in past posts. I say this because I am noticing a large amount of people getting error messages telling them they have been infected with Spyware. Here are some examples of the messages people are getting.

"warning spyware detected on your computer"
"warning spyware detected"
"warning: possible spyware or adware infection"
"windows has detected spyware infection"

If you are getting these messages, it means you are infected by Spyware. Do NOT use the Spyware Remover that these messages are telling you to use. These messages are the Spyware itself! Use a legitimate Spyware Remover like Ad-Aware. For more information about removing Spyware, read my post where I discuss in detail how to do this. To find this post, click the link on the top right corner. Good luck!

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