Windows Task Manager Programs

Here is another tip I have in trying to keep your computer safe. Try and get familiar with all of the programs and processes listed in your Windows Task Manager. That may sound difficult, but it really isn't too difficult. When you look at the processes listed, some of them you may already have an idea of what they are. For instance, anything that starts with AOL is probably AOL related. Firefox.exe is obviously going to be Firefox, etc. For processes that you are unsure of though, just do a google search of the name. Once you do a search you should definitely find many websites explaining what that process is. Like I said, the goal of this is to try and understand what each process is that is running on your computer. This way if you get infected by Spyware or a Virus, you may notice it in the list of running processes even before you see any symptoms of it. To access the Windows Task Manager, you press Ctrl+Alt+Del.

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