PopWash Review

I came across the website for PopWash just now and thought I would do a quick post on it. PopWash is a program that says it will reduce the amount of Pop-Up Ads you get.

After looking at the software features and their website, I am going to keep it simple and tell you that I don't recommend PopWash. There are two reasons why I don't.

1. The McAfee SiteAdvisor plugin considers it a red site. SiteAdvisor says that the website for PopWash links to a website which distributes Spyware/Adware. There was no test result from SiteAdvisor however listed for the PopWash download itself. So I am unsure if PopWash has Spyware or not.

2. Regardless, here is why I don't recommend this software, you shouldn't need to buy a Pop-Up blocker! Seriously, you should not be getting that many Pop-Up ads if you use a decent Pop-Up blocker. Firefox and Internet Explorer both come with Pop-Up blockers that should do the job. If you are getting way more Pop-Ups then you should be getting, then you may want to scan your computer for Spyware.

So in closing, the reason I don't recommend PopWash isn't so much because of the software itself, but simply because you can fight Pop-Up's with completely free tools. Do a Spyware scan, turn on your Pop-Up blocker with your browser, and everything should be fine!

Here is the link once more if you are still interested in PopWash.

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