Registry Cleaner XP Review

I am going to do a quick review of Registry Cleaner XP. Well this isn't so much of a review of the program, but of how the program is being marketed. This alone will let you know if you should buy this software or not.

Registry Cleaner XP is as you guessed, another Registry Cleaner. However, before you consider buying it, here is something you should know. Both Microsoft and the Washington State Attorney General filed lawsuits against the company that created Registry Cleaner XP. This happened back in October.

The reason this lawsuit has been filed is because Registry Cleaner XP displays fake error notices telling people that their Registry is corrupt and that they need to use the Registry Cleaner XP software to fix it.

In my opinion, it doesn't even matter how Registry Cleaner XP itself performs. If a company is doing something like this to sell their software, you should probably stay away.

I have not heard of anyone receiving legitimate pop-up messages telling them that their registry is corrupt. After all, what program would alert you to this? So if you get any pop-up's like that, remember that it is most likely an attempt to get you to buy a company's registry cleaner.

So anyway, in finishing this post, stay away from Registry Cleaner XP, and any other software trying to scare you into buying their software.

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