SysFixMaster Review

Do I have anything better to do then to review iffy products and tell you not to buy them? It doesn't seem like it lol.

So now I'm doing another post, this one is about a program called SysFixMaster. It is made by Miracle Software. It's another System Utility program that will clean your system, fix your registry, etc etc etc. I'm not sure why I gave the hint that I'm going to say you shouldn't buy this software. Afterall, I haven't even tried it out yet. There are enough warning signs though for me to worry. To start, the user reviews it has and the McAfee SiteAdvisor comments are enough to scare anyone away from this software. On the downside, some people say this messed up their computer system. I'm scared to even try this lol. But on the bright side, some people also say it tries to scare you into buying their software. So I don't know, this could be kind of funny. :)

Well... off to try this software! I download and run the installer. lol some of the things discussed in this license agreement is amusing. It appears they are trying to make excuses for anything they may do to try to scare me. Oh well, time to finish the installer.

Ok, it's finished and I run the software. It has a nice look to it. That doesn't really matter with a program like this though, lol. Anyway, on the left are 4 buttons. There is System Cleaners, System Optimizers, System Tools, and Settings. Settings is pretty self-explanatory. System Tools has a Startup Manager and an Uninstaller. System Optimizers has a Memory Manager, an Active X Immunity, and an IE Fixer. System Cleaner then has a History Cleaner, Junk File Cleaner, and a Registry Cleaner. It's actually got a nice amount of tools, I'm impressed.

Time to run the Registry scan! It brings up a separate window to do the scan. Again, it's all organized very nicely.

The scan finally finishes. It takes a bit of time, but it scanned a lot. It scanned close to 1 million registry keys. Does my registry even have that many? It also found close to 1,500 errors. I've never had one of these registry cleaners find that many. Who knows what all this may be calling an error. Maybe that's why people are having problems with their computer after using this software? I don't know, lol... I'm making a lot of assumptions in this review.

Anyway, I go to clean these errors up knowing that it won't (which is probably for the better) because it tells me I need to buy the software. It tells me that it found 1481 problems and says "Emergency Degrees: high". Ok then, lol.

But it's time to finish this post. I'll keep it simple, stay away from SysFixMaster.

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