Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1-Click-Fix Review

Hey everyone! For this post, I decided to review a program called 1-Click-Fix. As a lot of my readers know, I frequently like to review programs I come across. I especially over the last couple years have reviewed a lot of registry cleaners and system optimization programs. 1-Click-Fix appears to be a system optimization program and surprisingly, I hadn't tried it out yet. So I figured I should take a look at it. :) So with that, I figure I will go ahead and do a 1-Click-Fix review.

First off, what is 1-Click-Fix? It's pretty self-explanatory actually. 1-Click-Fix is a computer optimization program that claims it will help speed up your PC and get rid of errors. A lot of programs claim to do this, but does 1-Click-Fix stand out above the rest?

I went ahead and spent a bit of time tonight and took a look at 1-Click-Fix. The first thing that stands out to me is just how easy 1-Click-Fix is to use. I opened the program, and within 1 click, 1-Click-Fix was scanning the computer for registry errors, history tracks to remove, duplicate files that can be removed, etc. It literally lives up to it's name and makes tuning up your PC as simple and easy as possible.

Another thing that stands out to me is that it's nice that this isn't just a registry cleaner. A lot of computer optimization programs just focus on optimizing your registry. This is a good strategy, but there are other areas of your computer that need to be optimized such as your disk drive and other tweaks that can be made. These different tasks are all included in the 1-Click-Fix scan.

In addition, 1-Click-Fix also includes some different tools if you wish to go a step further in optimizing your PC. This includes a startup manager, BHO manager, program uninstaller, etc. The startup manager is especially useful. Simply using the startup manager and getting rid of unneeded startup times can cut your PC's boot time in half.

As far as the tools themselves, they all worked fairly well and I had no problem with them. The registry cleaner even found a few registry entries that were taking up space that other programs had missed. So I was really impressed by that.

In closing, I highly recommend my readers check out 1-Click-Fix. If you are looking for a very easy program to use that can quickly optimize your PC, then 1-Click-Fix is a must. Highly recommended!

Good luck!

Official Website of 1-Click-Fix

LightSpeedPC Review

Hey everyone! I am back for another review. I have been trying to update this blog more and recently was looking for some programs online that I have yet to try. I came across this program called LightSpeedPC. I took extra interest in it because it said it was a PC Optimization program. As some of my readers know, I've reviewed a lot of PC optimization programs over the last couple years. Since I hadn't tried out LightSpeedPC, I decided to go ahead and so do. Here now is my LightSpeedPC review :).

So what exactly is LightSpeedPC? As I mentioned, it is a program designed to help you speed up your PC. This is done through various tasks and tools. PC optimization programs are very popular and I have tried a lot of them. Because of this, it takes a lot for a program to stand out to me :) Going into trying out LightSpeedPC, I was skeptical that it would be above the rest, but I kept an open mind.

Anyway, I went ahead and spent some time with it. LightSpeedPC is actually very impressive. The main thing that jumps out at me is just how many tools are included to tune up your PC. This isn't a simply registry cleaner and nothing else. There is a registry cleaner, Startup List Manager, Program Uninstaller, Hard Drive Defragmenter, RAM Booster, Disk Cleanup, File Undeleter, File Shredder, etc. There is a LOT with this software.

Another thing I like about LightSpeedPC is just how easy it is to use. A lot of people that use LightSpeedPC may not be computer experts and they don't want to spend hundreds of dollars and take their computer to a shop just to have it tuned up. LightSpeedPC is a low cost alternative that speeds up your computer in a fraction of the time and price. It's done in a way that makes it easy for anyone to use LightSpeedPC.

The only downside I can think of with LightSpeedPC is that it does cost to download the full version. However, I can't think of another program that offers this many tools at this price. So for the price, it's an amazing deal.

In short, I highly recommend that all of my readers download and check out LightSpeedPC. It has a lot of tools, and I especially recommend the Registry Cleaner, Startup Manager, and RAM Booster. Those three tools alone will go a long way in speeding up your PC. Highly recommended!

Good luck!

Official Website of LightSpeedPC

PC Speed Doctor Review

Hey everyone! For this post I decided to review a new software program called PC Speed Doctor. I was looking online and it appears that PC Speed Doctor was released just within the last couple weeks. A lot of my regular readers know that I like to review PC Optimization programs. So I decided I would go ahead and review PC Speed Doctor. So with that, let's get to this PC Speed Doctor review!

So first off... what is PC Speed Doctor? PC Speed Doctor, like I mentioned in the previous paragraph, is in the group of PC Optimization programs. PC Speed Doctor's goal is to improve your PC Performance. There are many programs that claim to do this. However, many of these such programs I have personally reviewed in the past and found to be rather lacking. So going into trying out PC Speed Doctor, I was skeptical.

Anyway, I went ahead and spent a bit of time with PC Speed Doctor earlier. My first impression was just how easy PC Speed Doctor is to use. Rather then have a lot of separate tools that you run, PC Speed Doctor has combined them all into one powerful scan. With PC Speed Doctor, it's literally as simple as running the scan, and removing all of the issues that it finds. It's very very easy to use. Although I should note, despite the fact that it combines all of the scans into one powerful scan, you can still run some of the scans separately. So you still have that control over what parts of your computer to optimize.

One thing I also liked with PC Speed Doctor, is just how much it scans your computer and looks for junk on your computer to delete. It's not just looking for simple files to delete. We are talking unneeded registry keys, leftover temp files, cached browser data, etc. PC Speed Doctor does a fairly good job at removing leftover junk.

As far as the tools themselves, they performed well. Actually, they performed really well. It found close to 10GB of files that can be cleared up. That's a little embarrassing to admit actually, because I usually take pride in trying to keep my computer junk free lol. But it looks like it found a lot of files that other programs were missing. So I'm glad I tried out PC Speed Doctor.

In short, I recommend PC Speed Doctor to those out there that are looking to speed up their PC. It may not have as many tools as some of the other PC optimization programs have, but PC Speed Doctor's main focus is speeding up your PC by removing unneeded junk. This is by far the best way to speed up your PC, and PC Speed Doctor does a great job at it.

Good luck!

Official Website of PC Speed Doctor

Illusion Mage Review

Hey everyone! For this post, I decided to do something a bit different then I normally do. Usually when I review programs, I stick to reviewing PC optimization programs, computer security products, etc. This time though, I decided to review this popular software program called Illusion Mage. So consider this my Illusion Mage review :)

What is Illusion Mage? Well... Illusion Mage is a software program designed to let you easily create 3D animations. As I said, this is very different from the type of software that I usually recommend. However, I've always had a thing for graphic animation. I remember way back when I was 11, and I'd make little animations through paint of south park characters lol. I'd take the individual BMP's and put them together using a GIF maker. Those were the days lol.

Anyway, I went ahead and tried Illusion Mage. Here are my thoughts on it :)

Among opening Illusion Mage, I was a little overwhelmed at first. There are a lot of different buttons and options to select. However, there are videos to go along with it that explain how everything works. So I was quickly able to get the hang of it and start using Illusion Mage.

One thing I must emphasize is just how easy Illusion Mage really is to use once you get the hang of it. I hear of cartoons that are created where it takes months and months to make the characters. Yet, with Illusion Mage it feels like I could create a whole cartoon in just a small amount of time. It's really that easy once you learn how to use the software and watch the videos.

A couple other things also stand out. First off, the computer requirements are really low. This really surprised me. Usually graphics programs have very high system requirements due to all of the processing power that is used. With Illusion Mage however, you can use it even if you have a rather slow computer. The developers did a great job of making a program that produces great animation without using a lot of processing power.

The other thing that also really stands out is the price. In the world today of $500 for Photoshop, Illusion Mage is priced at a ridiculously low price. Currently, it is being sold for $47, however this is part of a current special and may go up. Either way, it's a steal compared to how much you'd have to pay for some of the other graphics programs available on the market.

In short, I highly recommend Illusion Mage. It's not usually the type of program I review on this blog, but I'm really glad I did. If you have any interest at all in creating 3D animations without having to pay a huge cost, then you definitely should give Illusion Mage a look.

Good luck!

Official Website of Illusion Mage

Captain Optimizer Review

For this post, I decided to talk a bit about a new program I just came across. It is called, Captain Optimizer. Captain Optimizer is from the same company that put out the Registry Commander software which I reviews recently. As regular readers may know, I liked Registry Commander, so I'm going to go ahead and take a look at Captain Optimizer and see if I like it as well. Now, onto this Captain Optimizer Review!

First off.. what exactly is Captain Optimizer? Captain Optimizer is a program designed to help optimizer your PC and keep it running error free and at top performance. As people use their computers, they inevitably start to slow down. Captain Optimizer works to reverse this process. This is done through various tools that you can use. So now that we know what it's about, how does it perform?

I spent some time with it before writing this review and I am very impressed by Captain Optimizer. I have reviewed a lot of PC Optimization programs over the last couple of years. Some of them have been good, some have been bad. Captain Optimizer goes into the good category. Well.. not just good, but really good!

The first thing I had noticed about Captain Optimizer is just how nice everything was organized. The interface looks nice, and everything is organized in an easy way so you can get right to the individual tools. Not only is this great for the user, but it makes it easier for me to get to the tools and review them ;).

When looking through Captain Optimizer I was struck by just how many tools are included to manage your computer and keep it problem free. There's a disk defrag, junk file cleaner, memory optimizer, duplicate file finder, file undeleter, startup customizer, etc. There's a LOT of tools.

A couple other tools I also noticed that really stand out is the Driver Updater, and the Analyze Your Files tool. The Driver Updater works to look for updated drivers to install on your computer. Driver updater tools are very much in demand these days as a lot of people are looking for an easy way to update your drivers. In fact, programs specifically just for updating your drivers are frequently sold. Yet, with Captain Optimizer, it is included at no additional cost. That's very impressive to me, and I can't think of a single PC optimizer I have tried that included the Driver Updater.

As far as the Analyze Your Files tool, it basically takes a look at your hard drive and gives you statistics on your files. For instance which folders are taking up the more space? What are the largest files on your entire computer? etc. It's a great way to find files you don't need that are taking up a LOT of space. I've used similar tools in the past, but never seen them included in a single package the way it is with Captain Optimizer.

In short, I'm really really impressed by Captain Optimizer. The amount of tools included really surprised me. In addition, the tools all worked great for me. If you are looking for a PC optimization program, Captain Optimizer definitely stands out above the rest. Highly recommended!

Official Website of Captain Optimizer

Registry Commander Review

Hey everyone! I'm back for another review! I decided to review a program I came across just last night. It is called Registry Commander. There was a 2011 edition released, so I decided to take a look at it and give my full review. So consider this my Registry Commander Review :).

First off... what is Registry Commander you may be asking? Registry Commander is a program designed to help you clean your computer registry. Keeping your computer registry clean is important. It helps prevent slowdown on your computer. In addition, it can also prevent registry errors from forming. Unfortunately though, Microsoft doesn't include a Registry Cleaner with Windows. So that is where a program likes Registry Commander comes into play.

I went ahead and spent some time with Registry Commander. In all honesty, Registry Commander does very well at it's intended purpose. It's purpose is to clean your computer registry and it did a great job of that. The scan was fairly quick, and it found a lot of errors that even other programs had missed.

On the downside, there aren't a lot of additional features with Registry Commander. Many PC optimization programs include other features to help in optimizing your PC. But perhaps that's not a fair comparison. Registry Commander isn't a full PC optimization program, it's a program built specifically to help keep your registry error free, and it does a good job at it's intended purpose.

In short, I'm going to go ahead and recommend Registry Commander. If you are specifically are looking for a registry cleaner, you should give Registry Commander a try. However, if you are looking for a full PC optimization program, I recommend Registry Winner which I took a look at awhile back.

Good luck!

Official Website of Registry Commander

Workstation Optimizer Review

Hey everyone! For this post, I decided to do a review of "Workstation Optimizer" As my readers know, I regularly discuss Registry Cleaners and review some of the different registry cleaners out on the market. Workstation Optimizer was released awhile back, yet I somehow managed to miss it until now. Perhaps it's the name of the program, which wouldn't make me think it's a registry cleaner until I actually looked into it ;). Either way, once I started looking at the company website, the program looked interesting. So I am going to go ahead and do a Workstation Optimizer Review.

So what is Workstation Optimizer exactly? Like I mentioned, it's a registry cleaner, but also a lot more. It's main purpose is to optimize your computer. This appears to be done through various tools. Now that we know the reason for using software like this, let me get right to reviewing it!

I spent a bit of time earlier taking a look at Workstation Optimizer. First off... I must say, the interface is really nice. I've come across some programs with pretty ugly interfaces over the years. Workstation Optimizer definitely isn't one of them. The program itself is very nice to look at, and very easy to navigate. Of course, you can't judge a book by its cover. So how good does it function?

From spending some time with Workstation Optimizer. I was highly impressed by it. I went into this thinking it's main feature was a registry cleaner. However, it has a LOT of different features to help optimize your PC. In addition to the registry cleaner, there is a disk defragmenter, spyware killer, file shredder, evidence cleaner, registry backup, program uninstaller, etc. There's an awful lot of tools here that are needed in fully protecting and optimizing your PC.

One thing I especially like is that Workstation Optimizer doesn't appear to just focus on keeping your computer at top speed. It also has the computers security in mind with the spyware killer. There is also a feature that lets you manage your internet plug-ins, block harmful ActiveX plugins, etc. These are very crucial things to do (especially blocking ActiveX plugins) when trying to keep your computer from becoming infected.

As far as all of the tools themselves, they all performed very well. The evidence cleaner and registry cleaner especially did a great job. But I didn't have any problems with any of the other tools either.

In conclusion, I highly recommend Workstation Optimizer. I can't believe I missed this when it was released. It has a LOT of tools, more then nearly every Registry Cleaner I can think of that I've tried. I'm definitely going to keep Workstation Optimizer on my computer, and I recommend others do the same.

Good luck!

Official Website of Workstation Optimizer

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Frontline Rogue Remover Review

Hey everyone! It has been awhile since I have updated this blog. A lot has been going on in my life lately. But don't worry, I haven't completely forgotten about all of my readers :). For this post, I decided I am going to review a program called Frontline Rogue Remover. Earlier tonight, I was looking online at some of the new software released in the last few weeks and Frontline Rogue Remover caught my eye. It is a type of software that I don't think I have ever come across before, so I decided to try it out and give my full Frontline Rogue Remover Review.

So what is Frontline Rogue Remover? In short, it scans your computer for fake anti-virus programs to remove. There are programs dedicated to removing spyware, viruses, etc. But there are no programs I can think of that actually scan your computer for fake anti-virus programs to remove. That is why I was so interested in Frontline Rogue Remover when I came across it tonight.

Those of you reading may be wondering why a program like this would be so important. However, fake anti-virus programs are a huge threat to a computers security. For instance, if you have a fake anti-virus program, it will be unlikely to actually detect any real viruses. Some fake anti-virus programs can also end up being viruses themselves. So it is especially important to not have any of these fake programs on your computer. So how do you find out if you have any of these fake anti-virus programs? That is where Frontline Rogue Remover comes in of course.

I went ahead and spent some time with Frontline Rogue Remover and I am definitely impressed by it. It does everything it says it does very well. Fortunately, I didn't have to use it to remove any fake anti-virus programs because I don't have any on this computer. However, from what I gather from other people, Frontline Rogue Remover did a good job at finding the fake anti-virus programs that they had. So it's accuracy and detection seems to be spot on.

Another thing I liked about Frontline Rogue Remover is that it appears to be frequently updated, which is important to protect your computer from the latest fake programs that pop up on the internet. This is of course very important.

One other thing I like about Frontline Rogue Remover is that the company themselves makes the guarantee that if Frontline doesn't fix your computer and get rid of the fake programs, the company themselves will fix it for free. That's a pretty cool guarantee lol, but most of the fake anti-virus programs aren't too difficult to remove if you are using software designed to remove them like this software. So it's unlikely you'll ever have to take the company up on their offer. Still reassuring though ;).

In short, I really like Frontline Rogue Remover and I highly recommend all of my readers check it out. If you have any concern whatsoever about fake anti-virus programs on your computer, then Frontline Rogue Remover is a must. Even if you use it and you find that your computer is safe now, keep it installed so that you don't deal with any problems in the future. Highly recommended!

Official Website of Frontline Rogue Remover