Illusion Mage Review

Hey everyone! For this post, I decided to do something a bit different then I normally do. Usually when I review programs, I stick to reviewing PC optimization programs, computer security products, etc. This time though, I decided to review this popular software program called Illusion Mage. So consider this my Illusion Mage review :)

What is Illusion Mage? Well... Illusion Mage is a software program designed to let you easily create 3D animations. As I said, this is very different from the type of software that I usually recommend. However, I've always had a thing for graphic animation. I remember way back when I was 11, and I'd make little animations through paint of south park characters lol. I'd take the individual BMP's and put them together using a GIF maker. Those were the days lol.

Anyway, I went ahead and tried Illusion Mage. Here are my thoughts on it :)

Among opening Illusion Mage, I was a little overwhelmed at first. There are a lot of different buttons and options to select. However, there are videos to go along with it that explain how everything works. So I was quickly able to get the hang of it and start using Illusion Mage.

One thing I must emphasize is just how easy Illusion Mage really is to use once you get the hang of it. I hear of cartoons that are created where it takes months and months to make the characters. Yet, with Illusion Mage it feels like I could create a whole cartoon in just a small amount of time. It's really that easy once you learn how to use the software and watch the videos.

A couple other things also stand out. First off, the computer requirements are really low. This really surprised me. Usually graphics programs have very high system requirements due to all of the processing power that is used. With Illusion Mage however, you can use it even if you have a rather slow computer. The developers did a great job of making a program that produces great animation without using a lot of processing power.

The other thing that also really stands out is the price. In the world today of $500 for Photoshop, Illusion Mage is priced at a ridiculously low price. Currently, it is being sold for $47, however this is part of a current special and may go up. Either way, it's a steal compared to how much you'd have to pay for some of the other graphics programs available on the market.

In short, I highly recommend Illusion Mage. It's not usually the type of program I review on this blog, but I'm really glad I did. If you have any interest at all in creating 3D animations without having to pay a huge cost, then you definitely should give Illusion Mage a look.

Good luck!

Official Website of Illusion Mage

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