1-Click-Fix Review

Hey everyone! For this post, I decided to review a program called 1-Click-Fix. As a lot of my readers know, I frequently like to review programs I come across. I especially over the last couple years have reviewed a lot of registry cleaners and system optimization programs. 1-Click-Fix appears to be a system optimization program and surprisingly, I hadn't tried it out yet. So I figured I should take a look at it. :) So with that, I figure I will go ahead and do a 1-Click-Fix review.

First off, what is 1-Click-Fix? It's pretty self-explanatory actually. 1-Click-Fix is a computer optimization program that claims it will help speed up your PC and get rid of errors. A lot of programs claim to do this, but does 1-Click-Fix stand out above the rest?

I went ahead and spent a bit of time tonight and took a look at 1-Click-Fix. The first thing that stands out to me is just how easy 1-Click-Fix is to use. I opened the program, and within 1 click, 1-Click-Fix was scanning the computer for registry errors, history tracks to remove, duplicate files that can be removed, etc. It literally lives up to it's name and makes tuning up your PC as simple and easy as possible.

Another thing that stands out to me is that it's nice that this isn't just a registry cleaner. A lot of computer optimization programs just focus on optimizing your registry. This is a good strategy, but there are other areas of your computer that need to be optimized such as your disk drive and other tweaks that can be made. These different tasks are all included in the 1-Click-Fix scan.

In addition, 1-Click-Fix also includes some different tools if you wish to go a step further in optimizing your PC. This includes a startup manager, BHO manager, program uninstaller, etc. The startup manager is especially useful. Simply using the startup manager and getting rid of unneeded startup times can cut your PC's boot time in half.

As far as the tools themselves, they all worked fairly well and I had no problem with them. The registry cleaner even found a few registry entries that were taking up space that other programs had missed. So I was really impressed by that.

In closing, I highly recommend my readers check out 1-Click-Fix. If you are looking for a very easy program to use that can quickly optimize your PC, then 1-Click-Fix is a must. Highly recommended!

Good luck!

Official Website of 1-Click-Fix

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