PC Speed Doctor Review

Hey everyone! For this post I decided to review a new software program called PC Speed Doctor. I was looking online and it appears that PC Speed Doctor was released just within the last couple weeks. A lot of my regular readers know that I like to review PC Optimization programs. So I decided I would go ahead and review PC Speed Doctor. So with that, let's get to this PC Speed Doctor review!

So first off... what is PC Speed Doctor? PC Speed Doctor, like I mentioned in the previous paragraph, is in the group of PC Optimization programs. PC Speed Doctor's goal is to improve your PC Performance. There are many programs that claim to do this. However, many of these such programs I have personally reviewed in the past and found to be rather lacking. So going into trying out PC Speed Doctor, I was skeptical.

Anyway, I went ahead and spent a bit of time with PC Speed Doctor earlier. My first impression was just how easy PC Speed Doctor is to use. Rather then have a lot of separate tools that you run, PC Speed Doctor has combined them all into one powerful scan. With PC Speed Doctor, it's literally as simple as running the scan, and removing all of the issues that it finds. It's very very easy to use. Although I should note, despite the fact that it combines all of the scans into one powerful scan, you can still run some of the scans separately. So you still have that control over what parts of your computer to optimize.

One thing I also liked with PC Speed Doctor, is just how much it scans your computer and looks for junk on your computer to delete. It's not just looking for simple files to delete. We are talking unneeded registry keys, leftover temp files, cached browser data, etc. PC Speed Doctor does a fairly good job at removing leftover junk.

As far as the tools themselves, they performed well. Actually, they performed really well. It found close to 10GB of files that can be cleared up. That's a little embarrassing to admit actually, because I usually take pride in trying to keep my computer junk free lol. But it looks like it found a lot of files that other programs were missing. So I'm glad I tried out PC Speed Doctor.

In short, I recommend PC Speed Doctor to those out there that are looking to speed up their PC. It may not have as many tools as some of the other PC optimization programs have, but PC Speed Doctor's main focus is speeding up your PC by removing unneeded junk. This is by far the best way to speed up your PC, and PC Speed Doctor does a great job at it.

Good luck!

Official Website of PC Speed Doctor

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